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Sudafed “Big Head” Spot by Assembly

A Sudafed commercial may not be the pinnacle of artistic achievement, but the care and attention to detail in this commercial elevates it beyond typical pharmaceutical marketing. Auckland, New Zealand-based Assembly created the :30-second ad “Big Head” for the JWT Sydney agency. It was directed by Matt von Trott with modeling and animation by Josh Fourt-Wells, Geoff Kirk-Smith and Gary Sullivan.

The ad is refreshingly simple—just one shot until the cut to the product at the end—with strong visual concepts and loosely appealing CG animation that is animated on twos for snappy cartoon effect. The character who makes the silly face at the end and pushes the cup behind the water cooler with his foot is a delightful and unexpected bit of characterization that is all too rare in advertising nowadays.

  • mick

    This style appeals to me way more than say, Glenn Keane’s work… I guess the pinnacle principle can be applied as per your tastes

  • Jen Hurler

    This is cute, simple, and catches attention for the right reasons. Between this and the recent Oreo commercial I hope there’s a nice new trend in more creative advertising making use of cg and motion design. Granted, I’m not very familiar with the history of such things in commercials, but from what I see by watching TV (in the US), not much as of late.

    • GW

      You can try if you’re looking for some of the better works in this area. It used to be in Cartoon Brew’s links section before they got rid of it.