Super Delicious Ingredient Force Super Delicious Ingredient Force

Super Delicious Ingredient Force

Below is a 4 1/2 minute viral commercial for Taco Bell. It’s another parody of 1970s Saturday morning super-hero TV cartoons — the kind J.J. Sedelmaier has been doing to perfection for years — crossed with a Aqua Teen Hunger Force camp sensibility. Todd Durston and his creative crew at DraftFCB Chicago collaborated with legendary comic book artist Neal Adams to conceive this campaign.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    I thought this was OK. Still there was one YT comment stating “I miss the chihuahua.” No doubt that still goes through the minds of many when seeing this!

  • Tom Cushwa

    I love Neil Adams. He’s the only cartoonist I know that has thought out a “New Model of the Universe” and means it!

  • Absolutely fantastic (although I’m disappointed the female characters never actually got any lines other than their names), and a great sendup of the old 70’s hero toons.

    And for an extra layer of irony, it’s for Taco Bell, whose food in my experience has never been any better than the stuff they were fighting against. Limp, flavourless and tiny.

  • dan

    LOL, you had me at “To the El-Comino” !

  • Alberto

    how come the black guy in movies is always the first to get a pickle on his bicep?

  • Baron Lego

    Waitaminute… they left some characters out! Where’s Commander Cholesterol, Sir Sodium and Grease Trap?

  • David Breneman

    “My bicep!” That was a pretty good bit. The only real fault I can find in it is that the animation is too good for 1970s Saturday morning TV. Many of the movements have too much in-betweening, and there aren’t enough loops and repeats.

  • Score another victory for coprorate-brand processed toxins. Yay!

    “Can Somebody tell me the atomic weight of Balonium?”

    “Um…is it..Delicious?”

  • TJR

    Taco Bell food hasn’t been good in decades (or did my taste buds just mature). But this was an entertaining send up. “You know what’s shocking? Electricity” LOL!!!!!.

  • This made me miss “Sealab 2021”

  • I… I actually feel kind if hungry now.

    To the El Camino!

  • lmao fantastic rice!