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Terminix ‘Death to Mosquitoes’ Spot by Dress Code


New York-based production house Dress Code produced the spot “Death to Mosquitos” for Terminix’s new product Attractive Targeted Sugar Bait. The 90-second piece taps into trendy animation styles and techniques, such as no-outline characters and split-screen storytelling. It’s interesting when a commercial innovates, but not every ad needs to do so; sometimes it’s pleasurable to watch an ad that simply carries out the fundamentals and entertains in the process. This piece fits the bill nicely.

CREDITS: Terminix: “Death to Mosquitoes”
Voice Over: Ron Perlman
Produced and directed by Dress Code
Creative Director: Andre Andreev and Dan Covert
Producer: Tara Rose Stromberg
Lead Animator: Josh Parker
Animators: Evan Anthony, Jake Armstrong, Ian Sigmon
Compositing: Ian Sigmon
Designers: Marcin Zeglinski, Evan Anthony, Jake Armstrong, Mercy Lomelin, Dusty Parker, Ian Sigmon
Music/Sound: You Too Can Woo
Agency: Havas Worldwide, Chicago
Chief Creative Officer: Jason Peterson
Creative Director / Art Director: Benny Jackson
Copywriter: Beckett Short
Art Director: Marisa Scime
GAD: Stephen Bach
Account: Christina Banuelos
Producer: Sarah Ko

  • This is magnificent. It felt like watching a trailer for a movie. Very Inspiring!

  • What a fun ad, beautiful art direction!

  • Erik Butter

    Nice style and colors!

  • Timothy McKenzie

    The animation style and technique in Death to Mosquitoes reminds me so much of Genndy Tartakovsky’s work on, say, Samurai Jack or Dexter’s Laboratory, isn’t it?

  • Googamp32

    The best animated projects I’ve seen all month were “Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars” and… a pest control ad narrated by Slade. August has been a pretty slow year. For both video games AND animation.

  • Adam Buritsch

    Great use of ad money in my opinion. Any day character animation can be utilized is a great day. Love it

  • Capital_7

    This is awesome. I’m looking forward to the series on CN.

  • Regular_Stormy

    Ron Perlman’s voice work in this was hilarious. I had to watch it again after I saw his credit, but it’s undeniably him. Afro Samurai remains one of my favorites for a number of reasons, his performance being one of them.