“The Chase” by Smith and Foulkes “The Chase” by Smith and Foulkes

“The Chase” by Smith and Foulkes

An incredible new Intel spot by animators Alan Smith and Adam Foulkes (This Way Up) for U.K.’s Nexus Productions. You Tube embed below, nicer hi-rez version here.

  • http://platynews.deviantart.com Platy

    Really awesome animation !

    Looks like a technological version of that parkour animation with a little bit of the “wolf chases pig” animation

  • http://frecklesfun.blogspot.com Freckles

    WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?! AMAZING!!!!

  • http://bruandboegie.co.za Mike

    That deserves a round of apple sauce.

    Really clever. Enjoyed it.

  • http://kaollastyle.blogspot.com/ Plank of Wood

    Not surprised! Its from Nexus :)

  • http://weirdurl.com Zekey

    Holy CRAP!
    That was off the chain, the hook, the ball, and the wagon!

  • andrew


  • Wolf Lahti

    What about the i7?

  • Tim Douglas

    *claps slowly*

  • http://www.miaumau.blogspot.com Sandra

    Praise where praise is due. Nexus is one of the London studios that keeps on churning out good quality and innovative commercials.