The People’s Republic of Animation The People’s Republic of Animation

The People’s Republic of Animation

This commercial simply blew me away. It was produced by The People’s Republic of Animation, an outstanding animation studio in Australia, founded on their philosophy of “BE BOLD, BE CREATIVE, BE ENTERTAINING”.

Formed in 2003, PRA founders Eddie White and James Calvert, have done numerous stylish commercials (such as the one above) and several outstanding shorts — including the acclaimed Carnivore Reflux (2006), which we featured on Cartoon Brew Films. For more cartoon goodness, check out their amazing sample reel on Vimeo.

(Thanks, Jake Parker)

  • Magnusson

    That is fantastic! I wish there was more animation like this on TV or in films!

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    It looks like “Where The Wild Things Are” meets anime. And I mean that in a GOOD way! It actually has a lot of heart and charm to it, qualities not usually associated with car commercials but absolutely vital for good animation. Thanks for sharing.

  • I’d actually be happier about the upcoming ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ film if it looked a liiiittle bit more like this.

  • FP

    Good-looking commercial. It could nicely freak out little kids.

    It seems almost actionably close to Sendak’s most famous work. Why evoke that so long before the WILD THINGS movie is released?

  • K.Borcz

    I like the style

  • That has got to be the best name for an animation studio ever.

  • Adam Van Meter

    A child that size should be in a booster seat. :B

    Excellent animation. Not what I would have expected from a car ad! Great work from these guys.

  • Top notch stuff.

  • boxmyth

    That was fantastic. Thanks for pointing it out, Jerry.

  • will

    Excellent use of layers and tweening, nice stuff. I got some ideas out of that, good post

  • Dan P.

    Good looking ad, but obviously not very well animated. Don’t know why anyone thinks otherwise.

  • I look forward to an In the Night Kitchen-themed ad for Vegemite.

  • Gobo

    Very cute stuff. A great example of how a very nice piece of work can become something brilliant with a great piece of music scored for it.

  • Kelly Toon

    wow, that short about meat-eaters was delightfully disturbing and very well-penned.

  • pfxjohn

    Did Maurice get paid?

  • Hi all, thanks for all the comments and feedback on our ad. I co-directed it with James Calvert. This was one of those rare opportunities where we got to write the concept, design it and get the score done to our own tastes which I think gave the ad more ‘soul’ than alot of corporate spots you see on TV. If you wanna see how we made it check out:

  • Wah! Stuff I worked on featured on Cartoon Brew?! Super cool.
    Looking at the ad now, I spent a block of time making sure the wheels turned without having to animate them and you barely even notice them in the final ad :)

  • They just keep producing great work. I dropped in on these guys earlier this year and they are such a great bunch of people. Great work guys!

    If you havent seen it yet you have to watch their short “Sweet and Sour”
    A fanatastic film!

  • yay pra! you forgot to mention this ad was selected for competition in annecy this year. nice work guys.

  • Tim Hodge

    Sweet and Sour was on TV here last night and it is stunningly beautiful. There’s a DVD of their stuff in the works, and I can’t wait.