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“Wacky Races” Peugeot Ad by Partizan


Here’s a recent car commercial for the Peugeot 208 produced by Partizan and commmissioned by Y&R Brazil, where the car outperforms the cast of the 1960s Hanna-Barbera TV series Wacky Races. While it’s kind of fun to see the characters and their outlandish vehicles being translated into live-action, it’s more than a bit horrifying seeing these real-life versions of the characters suffering ultra-realistic crashes and fiery explosions. At least Muttley makes it through in one piece.

Client: Peugeot
Product: Peugeot 208
Title: Wacky Races
Agency: Y&R Brasil
Creative VP: Rui Branquinho
Creative Director: Victor Sant’Anna/ Rui Branquinho
Creatives: Fabio Tedeschi/ Leandro Camara/ Felipe Pavani/ Victor Sant’Anna/ Rui Branquinho
Agency Producer: Nicole Godoy
Production Company: Partizan/ Movie & Art
Director: Antoine Bardou-Jacquet
DOP: Damien Morisot
Executive Producer: Douglas Costa/ David Stewart, Paulo Dantas
Editor: Bill Smedley
Post production: Electric Theatre Collective
Music: A9 Audio
Music Producer: Apollo 9/ Henrique Racz
Sound Design/Final Mix: Factory UK

For comparison, here’s the opening of the original 1968 television series:

  • jhalpernkitcat

    I thought this was rather clever–the vehicles and characters looked spot on, and to me–the characters getting hurt was funny–because they’re representing cartoon characters.

    That ending was pretty cute.

  • John A

    Oh, I don’t know, I might be interested in a film version of the Slagg brothers.

  • Pedro

    They cut out why they all got into that big collision at the end.

  • Toonio

    Helllooooo Penelope….

    I’m missing the psychotic laughing guy from the ant hill mob but is all great and good with this ad. Superb job indeed!

  • Spencer


  • It’s funny you say this, only because the only time I’ve ever seen this show was in Italy in 96 (and its one of my strongest memories of the trip)

  • ToodleLumaLuma

    Where is the PARASOL on Penelope Pitstop’s car?? Ugh.

  • Funkybat

    It may be that Europeans appreciate the premise of a long-distance road race more than Americans do these days. The films relating to road rallys that seem to be most popular in America came about 8-10 years later with the Cannonball Run and Gumball Rally, though I think there was something of a race craze in the 60s as well. The late 70s films are the only ones I ever hear people talk about these days, though.

    I loved the dynamic mix of characters and “far out” visual style of the Wacky Races, and would usually catch it on USA Cartoon Express or other such rerun venues in the 80s. I don’t think it was ever syndicated. At least we have DVD now, and even obscure H-B shows are usually available, thanks to the burn-on-demand store WB operates.

  • Funkybat

    I think keeping this limited to a minute or two keeps it from losing its charm. Anything longer than maybe a 6-7 minute “homage” segment would be overkill, and God knows we’ve had enough CGI “cartoon” overkill with all these “adaptations.”

    BTW, the creepiest thing in that whole ad was “realistic” Muttley. They captured him very well, but if I saw a dog like that in real life I’d run the other way.

    • Marty G

      The live action versions of the Wacky Racers vehicles make the original cartoon designs seem far more cutting edge and cartoonier than they came off in the context of the original show. The human actors in this commercial lack the energy of even the most mundane cartoons. They play as homo sapien vessels for wardrobe and makeup, nothing more. The epic fail of the ad is that the guest stars vastly upstage the product being sold.

  • Nik

    FYI, here’s an article from Brazil about the making of the Wacky Races commercial:


    The commercial was filmed in five days and involved professionals from Brazil, France, Italy, Great Britain, and Australia. The race cars came from different European countries including France, Spain, England, and even Finland.

    Here’s a link to artist Rafael Martin’s blog post which features concept designs for the updated Crimson Haybailer, the Mean Machine, and Muttley.


  • Michel Van

    i love this really, i love this commercial!
    warner, take those guy’s and make a movie version of it !

  • Melvin

    Penelope Pitstop sporting collagen lips, not so much.

  • Guest

    I’m right on this case. There should be a live-action movie equivilent of Hanna-Barbera Cartoons just like in the Peugeot Ad moments ago. Wacky Races should be the next H-B Cartoon to be in Live-Action format. We already had The Smurfs in 2011 and 2013 and Scoobie Doo in 2002. I think Wacky Races will be the first H-B Toon in line to wait for a live action movie release and maybe The Snorks and Shirt Tales will be the next 2 Cartoons to reach Live-Action Territory. See you in 2014!!!