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Washington State Lottery by PES

Ambitious new spot for Washington State Lottery. A fine example of PES doing what he does best. This is the one-minute director’s cut; a thirty-second version is airing on TV right now.

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  • http://zdspark.com Victoria Cook

    wow, awesome!

  • Paul N

    Almost as much fun as watching Pes’ spots is seeing what objects he’s used to tell the story. Very cool spot!

  • Bill Field

    HAW! How great is the rubberglove snow? You never know what’ll come in “handy” in any of Pes’ pieces.

  • EHH

    Is it just me or do lottery commercials seem to keep coming up on Annie nominations for its category?

  • Robert Schaad

    As always, PES…so creative!

  • http://powpowcomics.com Brooks Michael Williams

    Very creative spot. I love seeing this sort of stuff. :)

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Seeing the full minute version here, I kinda wondered if they should’ve aired that instead of the shorter one? Shame we don’t get that sort of thing on TV anymore with these minute opuses.

  • http://trevour.blogspot.com Trevour

    I couldn’t think of a more appropriate object (the hi-hat!) to resemble the Space Needle!

  • http://kateburck.blogspot.com Kate Burck

    I love to re-watch PES’s work and catching all sorts of objects I didn’t recognize before. He has a heck of an eye and a lot of innovation. I’d love to know where he gets his inspirations from.

  • Michael F.

    Great ad, I really liked how they got so many different things out for the entire state including corn skewers for corn stalks and tin cans for planes. I’m surprised that so many states (including North Carolina) are doing both national lottery games too.

  • http://torontoanimation.blogspot.com TempleDog

    Doubly entertaining…like all Pes films. First you watch for the inventive animation, then you go back to pick out all the cool shtuffs he used to make the film. Nice! My fave is still ‘Game Over’.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/ariville Ariel

    OMG… i salivate at anything PES does.

    I simply WORSHIP them. Crisp, clean, imaginative, hilariously funny stuff on their site.

    Too bad “A Town Called Panic” got made into a movie first, cause PES could easily do a film. And it’d ROCK!