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WATCH: Justin Lin and Framestore Reboot ‘The Jetsons’ in A Live-Action Spot

What would a live-action reboot of the Hanna-Barbera Atomic Age classic The Jetsons look like?

Here’s a pretty good idea from Fast & Furious franchise director Justin Lin, with cg/vfx produced by Framestore Los Angeles (Aron Hjartarson was creative director):

The commercial was produced for the “forward-thinking, future-oriented company” Arconic, which in reality is a slimy corporate rebrand of the manufacturing division of Alcoa, a corporation whose historical track record of mass pollution and environmental devastation is the complete opposite of futuristic.

At any rate, Arconic’s deep pockets allow us to see what a live-action Jetsons might look like. In their version, George Jetson is an Arconic engineer, Jane is Arconic chief innovation officer, Judy is an architecture student in Paris, and Elroy attends elementary school in San Francisco.

Here’s a making-of video with more details on the concept:

  • sπder

    It kind of makes sense if you believe the theory that the Jetson’s world was ravaged by pollution. The theory uses that as the reason for all the homes and buildings being built so high off the ground. Arconic is telling us their plans for the future of the planet in this video ;)

  • LeeFW

    without an over the top retro-futuristic look I have a hard time accepting this as the Jetsons

  • Anyone else notice that Arconic’s logo looks disturbingly similar to the Initech logo from OFFICE SPACE?

  • Nice but the audio feels really strained to the visuals. It’s almost like they needed a copy of the theme without the sound effects and changed it to more match the visuals.

    Perhaps they should have also re-did the music all togehter.

  • J.S

    Reminded me of this

  • StephaneDumas

    Now, I wonder how a live-action reboot of the classic cartoon Rocket Robin Hood would look? ;-)

  • Pedro Nakama

    Yeah I used to work on commercials like this but I kept falling asleep in the BS advertising meetings. So what product are they selling?