Alex Hirsch and Rebecca Sugar Alex Hirsch and Rebecca Sugar

Alex Hirsch and Rebecca Sugar Appear On Forbes 30 Under 30 List

Forbes has published a list of 30 Under 30 in Hollywood. If you can get past the entertainment industry’s insularity and nauseating nepotism—the children of Judd Apatow, John Landis, Jeffrey Katzenberg and Larry Ellison (two of them) are all apparently up-and-comers—you’ll appreciate that two animators managed to sneak their way onto the list.

Alex Hirsch, 27, achieved the distinction for being the creator of the Disney TV series Gravity Falls, while Rebecca Sugar, 25, is hailed as the first solo female creator of a Cartoon Network TV series. Her show, Steven Universe, is currently in production and will debut next year. Congrats to both!

  • Lot’s o’ flannel goin’ on. Congrats to both of ’em!

  • Dave Smith


    • Dave Smith


      • Dave Smith

        what? computers? I can’t believe Kevin Dart has told me that I can reply to my own reply!
        This is the future!

    • Nick

      Weird enough, I have that exact same shirt he’s wearing on the left.

  • Marvin O

    L.L. Bean is lookin’ good for the future of animation!

  • beamish13

    Megan Ellison is the best kind of producer-give large checks to directors with proven track records and stay hands-off. Perhaps she can put up the completion funds for Henry Selick’s scrapped Disney feature…

  • Jon H

    If it wasn’t for that beard I’d think Mr. Hirsch was a teenager. Feelin old here.

  • Joel

    By George, they both certainly deserve it! I can’t wait for “Steven Universe” to premiere and for the Disney Channel to start airing new “Gravity Falls” episodes again! (If Wikipedia is to be believed, they’ve only shown about half the season so far and haven’t aired a new one in about two months.)

  • Julian

    Congratulations to both of them. Just out of curiosity, what’s the list based on? Salary? Age for the position they’re in?

  • beautiful, beautiful, minds!!

  • So cool! Congrats to them both!

  • Well deserved!!

    Gravity Falls has really made a special place in my heart, and following Rebecca’s work over the past few years has been such a pleasure. Really looking forward to this next generation of animation and entertainment. :)

  • Big congratulations to both!!!

  • the Gee

    That is awesome for both of them.
    Gotta agree with “that two animators managed to sneak their way onto the list.”

    How the hell did that happen? Does it mean their awesomeness is that powerful?

    • J

      it was mentioned before- with the internet and the new trend of creator-powered cartoons, the people who make and contribute to them enjoy a type of celebrity on the internet, a “fandom” of people who enjoy and talk about the creators of cartoons moreso than they do about the voice actors of the cartoons, which is what it used to be.

      these creators often have blogs and twitter accounts, they put up tantilizing production doodles and concepts, and answer questions directly from fans, no inbetween required. It’s fostered a sort of close connection that makes it easy to idolize and idealize these creators. I can tell you, Rebecca Sugar has had a loyal leigon of fans for a good while now and people will be lining up to see what she makes.

      cartoons are a creator’s domain, now!

  • I’m so anxious to see what Steven Universe looks like. Have there been any previews published?

    • Crystal

      Afraid not, I’m waiting it to. I’m wondering if it’s going for the kids comedy route, or if it’ll be a detailed one with an ongoing plot, character development, etc. I know Sugar is into things like One Piece and Penguindrum, so I keep hoping it’s the latter. I’m also wondering about the art style, like if it’ll be similar to Pug Davis (which is a great comic and everyone should read

  • Sugar is also responsible for some of the very best moments and overarching plots in Adventure Time, and she deserves every piece of respect, accolades, and praise that she gets.

  • e

    Cal Arts grads?

    • Lola

      I believe Hirsch is but Rebecca Sugar graduated from School of Visual Arts.

  • Ever since seeing this post I started wearing a lumber jack shirt over my T-shirt and no fame or fortune has come my way. The whole thing is very disheartening. Okay enough with the bad jokes – CONGRATS TO THEM BOTH. Nicely done.

  • Gravitynaut

    Alex Hirsch: Creator of my thumbnail. Congrats.

  • Lauren

    I love Gravity Falls. Alex Hirsch deserved it