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Graeme Hawkins

One of the most fulfilling aspects of blogging on Cartoon Brew is every so often discovering the young filmmaker who loves to experiment with the medium and isn’t bound by conventional notions of animation filmmaking. I’d venture to say that Dundee, Scotland-based Graeme Hawkins is one of these chaps. Witness the breadth of his approach to the art form by visiting, which is filled with all kinds of fun animated experiments including 3D zoetropes, projection mapping and VJing, along with generous descriptions of his processes and techniques. He also worked as a digital artist on Sylvain Chomet’s new film The Illusionist.

Below is his thesis film, 5, which is “an exploration of childhood memories, combining scientific theory, the wandering mind of a child, and largely abstract sound design to hopefully evoke feelings of nostalgia, familiarity and comfort.” I was impressed by the blend of sophisticated visuals, surprising transitions, and sharp sound design, but if you want to read into it further, Graeme explains on his website that the film has something to do with Richard Feynman and Richard Dawkins.

Here’s another quickie film of his I enjoyed–McDonalds on the Brain:

  • christy


  • The work is great – but what makes the McDonalds piece is certainly Daniel Johnston

  • The piece ‘5’ was great…

    I especially loved the bit with the telephone pole through to the telephone… very clever and imaginative film-making.

    Very uinique feel to this work… I dig it! :)

  • Brooke Keesling

    Loved both of those.
    Thanks Amid!

  • Great stuff – thanks for showing us Graeme’s work !!

  • Interesting stuff! I’m going to have to see more of it, now.

    On a side note, why are comments disabled for the Trunk Train post?

  • amid

    Adam VM: Thanks for pointing the closed comments on the Trunk Train post. That must have been some sort of weird glitch. They’re on now.

  • ACTUALLY, Jad Fair and Daniel Johnston recorded that McDonalds song together, if anyone wants to get real music-nerdy with me.