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Bill Presing’s Banana Girl

Beautiful! All of Bill Presing’s pin-up girls are gorgeous. Here’s an unabashed plug for a product and artist I like a lot: Pixar storyman Presing is creating a limited edition statue based on one of his “girls”. He’s producing it in association with Digital Banana Studio, the folks who made that Pixar-ish Rocketeer short awhile back. In fact it’s modeled by the same guy that modeled about half of the characters in that short, Anders Ehrenborg. It’s coming out in late June and they’re taking pre-orders now at the Digital Banana website. Oh, and you can order her as pictured above with skirt, or without!

  • THIS is why I like coming to this site :) (I kid, I kid).

    Thanks for the post, Jerry!

  • Zork

    Ah, the porn is coming from Jerry now! Amid’s going to get jealous. Expect another He-Man post soon.

  • Tooooo expensive for me right now. Mores the pity :)

  • Interesting to see that someone in animation is using Mel Ramos’ 50 years of images using women into character designs.
    Don’t know if the softening of the women as consumable is much of an improvement and these will never top Jessica Rabbit.

  • Daniel

    does anyone mind how contorted the torso is to the waist?

    • Sarah J

      I’m more distracted by how tiny and bent the waist looks. Reminds of Rob Liedfeld’s drawings. D8

  • Samjoe

    I will gladly buy one if he would pursue Pixar to make
    some more Rocketeers. Heck if Disney needed some quick ideas, they could do worse.

  • Brad Constantine

    Dare I say..Appealing?…sorry.

  • Shunka Shuutou

    Great, another figure I will never get it. :(