Bob Givens Interview Bob Givens Interview

Bob Givens Interview

Animator, character designer and layout artist Bob Givens (UPA, Warner Bros.) dropped by the Asifa-Hollywood Animation Archive a had a chat with animation artists Will Finn and Mike Fontanelli and Asifa archivist Stephen Worth. The excerpt above is devoted to his career at Warner Bros. Cartoons. Another section devoted to his career in TV Animation is posted on the archive site.

  • Brian O.

    Holy Smokes! This man is ageless! I remember seeing his name on the credits of Quackbusters of something or other like twenty years ago and being amazed he was still alive and working. Here in 2008 he’s speaking like a man half his age or younger. Amazing! Can you imagine somebody still walking the Earth today who worked with true legends we only read about? This man is a treasure not just because of who he worked with but also for his own giant contributions to the art field.
    Fantastic that Steve documents this and Jerry sharing it here.

  • Tom Minton

    Bob (who was on our crew at Warners for years) is just as adept at designing backgrounds as he was at designing characters.

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  • julian

    its good too hear from the horses mouth for a change —thanks