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Can You Explain This Animation Book Cover?

There are a lot of images that pop to mind when I hear the words ‘2D animation.’ A man’s hand pressing down on a badly wallpapered alarm clock is not among those. The book Creating 2D Animation Revealed with the Adobe Creative Suite will be out later this month.

  • Julio

    The hand is “controlling time”? :-/

  • C-doo

    I think it matches how much Adobe doesn’t understand how animation works, as prevalent in most of its software.

  • K.

    It’s all about the timing? *shrugs*

  • I’ll be generous with my interpretation and say that, while I get how you sense masculinity, the hand is probably Debbie’s and the wallpaper is to do with the “revealed” in the title and the clock within a symbol of timing and the timeline that is the root of creating movement within an Adobe application. As I said, being generous, I agree it is total $#!+ for an animation book cover.

  • ubergina

    it will teach you exactly how to create that and not one thing useful!

  • canimal

    maybe its a marketing technique… “if we put this irrelevant stock photo on the cover we will confuse people in to buying it”

  • It is a bad interpretation of Mickey Mouse, which demonstrates how bad 3D can be, so better stick with 2D, or better yet, stay away from animation altogether.

  • Alarming!

  • Gavin Mouldey

    It’s about the hours involved in trad 2d, and the ever impending deadline, and how your brain never lets go of 2d imagery when you’re on a tight deadline, making the world appear papered in flat designs during those moments between sleep an wake, and how Adobe’s going to make it all easier with a metaphorical time-saver etc blah blah wank wank…

  • I think it’s supposed to be wrapping paper, not wallpaper. The design elements, like the ripped paper on the left, and the choice to have the word ‘Revealed’ on top of some tape to me says they’re ‘unwrapping’ or ‘revealing’ some great secrets and tips. As for the alarm clock, I think that’s the way they chose to represent animation, since it’s all about time and timing.

    Whatever the real meaning is, it isn’t successfully conveyed.

  • Axolotl

    I don’t know what the clock signifies but the cover artist is one hell of a draftsman.

  • AmidAmidi

    Brew reader Mack Williams figured it out on Twitter:

    It’s a reference to that famous Walt Disney quote: “2D animation is like unwrapping an alarm clock covered in wall paper.”

    • brownbox

      Damnit Amid, I actually went and Googled that quote =(.

  • Natalie Belton

    How timely

  • What was Ms. Keller’s response when, as journalists do, you inquired with her for comment?

  • laila hart

    I think “badly wrapped” may be an unfair criticism. That wrapping job definitely took some skill.

    • Scott550

      Agreed. Adobe apparently hates it’s customers, as they hire engineers to design their user interfaces. Which is why they’re redundant, unintuitive, and ugly.

  • Gerard de Souza

    Adobe? They don’t give a shit about cartoon animation as confirmed with a Flash rep I spoke to at a SIggraph a couple years ago. ( Iknow there are better software for animation but hey, Flash had been adapted from its very begining for cartoons on the web and TV yet they never acknowledged cartoon animators)
    If by 2d animtion they mean motion graphics, well I guess they got that covered.
    I don’t get the cover. Shows how much they know.

  • Whatever thematic structure had to be sought out for these covers seems like a rather poor attempt at being funny about what could be done with said product.

  • Ness

    It’s not.