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“Casting The Birds” by Uli Meyer

Animator/director Uli Meyer’sCasting The Birds is not a new film, but a beautiful limited edition print Meyer’s been selling online. It’s a hand-made seven color screen print featuring a different requested drawing in the top right hand corner – making each one unique. Meyer has started a blog to display each of his one-of-a-kind birds (a few samples below). He still has 20 left (from a limited run of 50)… make that 19, I’ve decided to get one myself.

  • Tak

    Yay Uli!

    Been watching this project of his develope for a while now.

  • Ben Balistreri

    So amazing!! I love them!!!

  • J.M. Walter

    Nice one on the WOLF. he broke the mold there!

  • Jerry Beck

    Here’s the bird I requested for my copy of the print:


    Thank you, Uli!

  • Raven M.

    What a cute idea…!!! Cute drawings, too. :)

  • Florian Satzinger

    Ha, I got mine alreay last year. No7, with a duck of course:

  • Caty

    Lucky youuuuuu :)

  • Tom Ruegger

    The casting of the birds and the bird actors in “The Birds” was the plot of a Goodfeather cartoon from “Animaniacs” entitled, appropriately, “The Boids.” You can watch it in its entirety at:

  • Larry Jacobs

    Great stuff Uli!
    Here’s the link to the opening sequence of my show ‘BIRDZ’ .. As long as we’re on the subject… There’s some nice animation in there by Gammage, Budd, and others ! Bird it up!