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Chris Sanders’ Cut Scenes from “The Croods”

Director Chris Sanders (How To Train Your Dragon) is posting while in post-production on The Croods. He’s letting us see some of his deleted boards, of scenes that were cut or altered, on his new Dreamworks film. Sanders art is magnificent – his storytelling is superb. Head on over to Chris Sanders’ blog now and check it out!

  • If The Croods looked like that I might actually watch some of it.

  • Ju-osh M.

    Remember when we first saw the teaser for Chris Sanders’ last film, How To Train Your Dragon? Everyone rushed to Cartoon Brew to complain about the “ugly human designs” and the Vikings’ “Scottish accents”. ( ) Remember when, after HTTYD came out, how CB’s comments section for the film lit up again, only this time with effusive praise and admiration? ( )

    I’m eagerly awaiting a similar switcharoo with The Croods.

    (Oh, yeah — I’m biased.)

    • jmahon

      I’ve long since realized that most animation fans will condemn a movie for the littlest things, or for inconsequential things like their trailers or some promo art- while ignoring the overwhelming evidence that it’ll be a great story with beautiful presentation. I’ve seen many animated movies get nothing but flack until the day they come out and then the tune changes, too. Some sort of elitism or something, I guess. imho- the evidence saying Croods will be a gorgeous and sentimental film is way bigger than anything saying it’ll be bad. Sanders films always have a powerful underlying morality to them and I’m eager to see what this one’s will be.

    • zac leck

      I don’t ever remember disliking the art for How to Train Your Dragon when I saw the trailers. I was pretty excited from the git-go. The humans in The Croods look pretty ugly, but I’ll probably still go see it. A good story is a good story.

      I think my main complaint, whether it’s Pixar, Dreamworks, Disney, etc.. is that 3D is all starting to look the same. When you look at the concept art for any film these studios put out, they all have more style, more character, and just feel more fun than the final product. But it’s not as easy as wishing there were more 2D films, cause even those all started to look the same toward the end in the 90’s also. I just wish we could see more stylistic, less cookie-cutter feeling animated films with a wider range of design. The Croods looks like just another Dreamworks animated film.

      • jmahon

        they are cavemen- I don’t think it would be appropriate for them to be doll-like perfect human looking models. The fact that they’re all a bit strange and ugly adds to their charm, I wouldn’t find it as appealing if they weren’t a bit “ugly.”
        Honestly, if the main girl looked anything like a Sanders girl or any of his artwork of her portrayed her as, she’d be a fair-skinned human being wearing a tiger skin, striking sexy pin-up poses every other shot and standing on tip toes all the time.

        • zac leck

          No, I get that. They should be ‘caveman’ in appearance. I guess I just don’t like the shapes too much.

          For the girl though, I’d argue that designing her more ‘human’ in appearance could be an intentional design decision. She’s the most forward-thinking, wants to experience the world, her personality is closer to how we humans think of ourselves. It would contrast nicely with the rest of her family who are stuck in their caveman ways. Their appearances would match their personalities in one of those unspoken ways.

  • jhalpernkitcat

    Sanders’ drawings are adorable. I love that exploding cactus in the top right corner.