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Comics Journal interviews Gene Deitch

I picked up the latest Comics Journal (October 2008, No. 292) at the Comic Con last week and it’s essentially a book length interview (well over 150 pages) with the Deitch family – writer Seth, artists Simon and Kim and their dad, animator Gene Deitch. Gene’s interview reveals additional information about his career at UPA and Terrytoons not included in his online book. A must-read. Should be at your comics shop this week, or from Fantagraphics Books.

  • Kim Deitch is one of the most important authors in the american independent comics scene, sadly, just a little group of people know it

  • GhaleonQ

    The Deitches are America’s greatest contribution to world culture.

    …Okay, I can’t back that up, but that sounds like a phenomenal issue.

  • I did a film with Kim a couple years ago.

    Lovely, lovely man. Wonderful to work with.
    Simon worked for Noyes and Laybourne at one time as well.

  • Thad

    Noyes? You mean Phil Noyes?

  • Eli Noyes and Kit Laybourne had a shop in New York in the 80s. They’re biggest production was Eureeka’s Castle for Nickelodeon. The did a lot of interstitials for Nick as well (for obvious reasons).

    Eli is the son the great industrial designer Eliot Noyes.