Dreamworks Animators “Push It” Dreamworks Animators “Push It”

Dreamworks Animators “Push It”

This year’s intro video to Dreamworks “Animation Day” (a day long acting workshop for their animators) is a hoot. Look closely and you’ll spot several Dreamworks animators (James Baxter, Simon Otto, etc.) and Jeffery Katzenberg as well as some live action reference footage shot for their features. Can you imagine if the Disney staff made films like this in 1952?

(Thanks, Mike Stern)

  • Aaron

    Soft serve ice cream sequence to man chasing laser pointer was dope.

  • sasha

    was that Katzenberg at the beginning? these are a lot of fun.

  • eeteed

    i couldn’t stop laughing!

    this is oscar worthy!

  • That’s gotta be an unhealthy fascination with 80s music…

  • victoria

    Awwww I was hoping for Salt and Peppa’s “Push it” but still a great video.

  • Toonio

    Even Dreamworks got a montage!

  • Mat H

    Katzenberg hitting the high note is a nice touch.

  • Aaron

    This was really funny! Kudos to Katzenberg for participating in it, and obviously to all the animators who actually came up with it. My favourite gag was the extra finger adding the ‘T’ in LIMIT.

  • Arturo

    Where is Guillermo del Toro?

  • “Can you imagine if the Disney staff made films like this in 1952?”

    Can you imagine if the Dreamworks staff could make animated films like the Disney staff did in 1952?

    • Daniel

      I’m sure Baxter could.. and a couple others.. ( I actually think they would have done a better job then what john lounsbery did for the king sequence.. and there are a couple of really weak animation performances in Sleeping Beauty in general)

      let’s not worship the past as if they were gods.. it will only make our work that much more formulaic..

    • if Dreamworks made movies like Disney in 1952…. it wouldn’t be Dreamworks…

      Everyone has their own identity…

      Never looking back or too far in front of me, the present is a gift I will all just want to ‘BE’.

  • Gerry

    Amusing, though someone needs to look up the proper spelling of “congratulations.”

    • Cristin

      My guess is they did that on purpose to be funny. I was amused. :)

  • Pedro Nakama

    Was that music from Top Gun?

    • Jules

      The song is from Scarface.

  • Untitled

    Wow. Might be able to count the number of female animators on one hand.

    • burknee

      You’ll need over ten pairs of hands to count all the animators there. I’m pretty sure they’re not all in this clip.

  • C

    “Can you imagine having anything from dreamworks posted in here without the predictable haters adding sour comments?”

  • DB

    That was more amusing than all the Shrek movies combined.

  • Hahaha I love the “Animate Button” gag. As someone who does a lot of CG animation, I can’t count the number of times I’ve been asked “Don’t you just push a button and it’s there?” or “Doesn’t the computer do all the work now?” or “Hey, you’re into computers, can you fix mine?”

    Funny how some people still think CG animators are all tech nerds who are programmers instead of artists. Yeah, this isn’t 1980 anymore.

  • Tom S

    Dreamworks has found someone to go back in time with. This is not a joke. They’ll get paid after they return. Is bringing its animation team as weapons against 1950s animation. Safety not guaranteed. They have only done this once before.