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Emru Townsend, RIP

Emru Townsend
Emru (r.) with sister Tamu

Our friend and colleague Emru Townsend passed away last night after a brave battle with leukemia. Emru was the founder of the print and online magazine FPS Magazine and one of the sincerest, most passionate and articulate animation critics around.

He put up a valiant fight against his illness over the past year, and in doing so he brought awareness about the importance of bone marrow donation. It’s something easy that almost anybody can do, and it can save a life. To learn more about how you can become a bone marrow donor, visit HealEmru.com.

From both Jerry and Amid, we want to offer our sincere condolences to Emru’s entire family, and particularly his sister Tamu who is an active member of the animation community and an important part of FPS’s online presence. Emru will be missed.

Remembrances of Emru are beginning to be posted online:
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Matt Forsythe
Vicky Tamaru
“StandingInTheMiddleOfLife” (nice writeup)
Dan Tynan
Madeline Ashby
Mark Mayerson
Chris Robinson
Harry McCracken
Didier Ghez

Emru Townsend
Emru (c.) with animators Ward Jenkins (l.) and Pat Smith (r.)