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Animator Dan Meth (of Hebrew Crunk fame) just completed an animation experiment. He animated his latest film while getting drunk in a local pub.

Dan went out to a bar with, as he says on his blog, “a stack of index-cards, some markers, a lightbox, and no storyboard”. He drew and drank himself silly, all the while covering over 300 cards with drawings for a short film he’s completing this week, part of a new Frederator shorts series of one minute cartoons.

He’s post all 329 drawings on a Flickr page for everyone to see in advance of the film. Don’t know if anyone’s posted any archive like this before, or used Flickr to create an animated film, but it sure seems like a good idea to me.

  • slowtiger

    Animating in a public place is just sooo eighties … I know, because I did it myself. *g* In those days, we had no Flickr, so we put it all on Super 8 and sent it to festivals.

  • Lee

    I was at Dan’s side the whole night documenting, on video, this intoxicated experience.

    I’ve been working with Dan for a few months, and something I noticed is that Dan has always been very influenced by music, and when he is drunk that influence is more prominent, when a certain song came on in the bar the drawings morphed reflecting the style or sometimes the artist of the song.

  • This would get an animation student a D- on their project, but it gets Dan Meth a mention on Cartoon Brew. Too funny.

  • I was trying to think of a comment return to Travis, but I like Dan’s drawings so much I decided it would be a waste of energy.

  • Daniel

    I think the drawings are pretty charming.

    It reminds me of a series of drawings I saw from the US government tests on LSD in the 1950s, where they gave an artist LSD and had him draw the model in front of him every 10 minutes.

    You see a wonderful progression from conservative, stable, solid drawing, to reality losing importance, then suddenly everything totally abstracts and goes insane for a few drawins, then things eventually settle down until the last drawing is really similar to the first.

    Ill try and hunt down that image sequence

  • ‘Animator Dan Meth just completed an animation experiment. He animated his latest film while getting drunk in a local pub.’

    Welcome to my world.