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Fyodor Khitruk (1917-2012)

A major figure in the world of international animation, and father of the Russian Winnie the Pooh (1969), Fyodor Khitruk has passed away at age 95.

He joined the Soviet-run Soyuzmultfilm Studio as an animator in 1937, and became a director in 1959. Khitruk was instrumental in bringing modern graphics to Russian animation and won numerous awards for his short films – including the Golden Palm at Cannes.

A lifelong fan of the art form, Khitruk released a two-volume book, The Profession of Animation, describing his 50 years of experience in 2008. He spent his final years teaching animation at the Moscow Academy.

As tribute, we present his 1968 satire on filmmaking – Film, Film, Film:

  • What a huge talent and a great loss. He was one of the most versatile animation directors. Just compare Lion and Ox with his version of Winnie the Pooh

  • jesus chambrot

    Will be missed. His Winnie the Pooh was amazing! R.I.P.

  • GW

    May he rest in peace. I only wish I could have learned more about him before he died. My school dropped their Russian program and since I need the language credit, I had to settle for German instead. Since it’s unlikely I’ll ever learn the language, I hope that somebody translates this book and perhaps some other things he wrote.
    But beyond my personal worries, I hope he continues to inspire Russian animators and others after his death.

  • I first met Fyodor at the old NY Animation Festival at NYU in 1974. In years since I’d run into him with Bill and Fini Littlejohn and we’d throw back some vodkas together. He was a wonderful man and a great artist.

  • GhaleonQ

    From a time when artistic merit and populist appeal intertwined! What a man.

  • Ryan

    95’s a good age, but he’ll still be missed. Film Film Film’s been a favourite of mine since seeing it on a Masters of Russian Animation DVD several years ago.

  • Aymanut

    Don’t forget the wonderful short Boniface’s Holiday. Delightful film.

  • Jorge

    he was a genius,this is my favorite of him:

    he gave so much to russian animation,he will have my admiration forever and my condolences to his family