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Gene Deitch’s office


Last month, my pal Rusty Frank told me she was going to Prague to perform (she’s a tap dancer and expert on the history of tap) and she was wondering if I had any friends there. I told her to contact Gene Deitch and his lovely wife, Zdenka. She did so and apparently they are all “new best friends”. Rusty took a 35 second video on her cel phone – click here to see a quick tour of Gene’s home office.

I wish I could’ve been there with them, but this is the next best thing. I’m delighted that I was able to hook up two friends in such a faraway place.

Here’s Gene and Rusty last week.

And here’s a nice piece of art, by Ken O’Connor, on Gene’s wall.

  • This is great! I’ve always wondered what his work space looked like. Ahh, the glory of the internet….

  • David

    That is so cool. Great to see Gene Deitch.

    If Gene happens to read this I want to take the opportunity to say : Thank you, Gene Deitch, for your book published on the AWN site , “How To Succeed in Animation (don’t let a little thing like failure stop you) ” .
    It’s a very informative book and well written.

    Also, I love your “Cat” cartoons from The Record Changer.

  • Trevor

    Hey I know Rusty! Two of my hobbies just collided. Hi Rusty!

    The planet is small.

    Trev from Perth.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Being reminded I STILL haven’t found a copy of his other book, “For the Love of Prague”. Love to read that.

  • Hilda Lass

    Unfortunately I don’t seem to have the software to get Gene in full animation but It’s nice to see that the action is still going on and Gene and Zdena are keeping up with the times. All the best from old friends H&H

  • Hello Gene and Zdenka,

    How do you keep your office in such order? The cell phone clip is amazing! Thank you for sharing it with us.

    I have been giving everyone a copy of your book “For the Love of Prague” because it gives a good overview of the situation in Prague during the bleak times. It reads so well and your love story adds much joy to it.

    Please tell Zdenka that Alenka is now a pediatrician resident at Boston (Mass. General Hospital) and Tomas is working in the Art department on films in NY. You can check him out on IMdb (Tomas Zeman)

    I send you both my love! Miriam

  • It is great to see my uncle in his digs. Someday I hope to go visit him, but the life of an instrument maker does not always allow such vacations! The web is a great thing.