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Sony Releases Genndy Tartakovsky’s new short “Goodnight Mr. Foot”

If you’ve been wondering what Genndy Tartakovsky’s been doing this past summer besides hitting the road to promote Hotel Transylvania and prepping to direct a CG Popeye – wonder no longer. Tartakovsky wrote, directed and animated himself a brand new hand-drawn HT companion short entitled Goodnight Mr. Foot – in all of four weeks.

And now the short is getting an exclusive theatrical run starting tomorrow in Regal theaters nationwide before showings of Hotel Trasnsylvania, as a special Halloween treat for Holiday audiences. From the Sony Animation Press release:

Entitled “Goodnight, Mr. Foot,” the short stars none other than the legendary monster Bigfoot, and follows his adventure as he, too, checks in to Dracula’s five-stake resort in search of a little R-and-R, only to find himself faced with an enthusiastic witch-maid, eager to make Mr. Foot’s stay a memorable one.

Genndy Tartakovsky commented, “After we finished HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA I got an itch to animate! Taking inspiration from my favorite directors Bob Clampett, Tex Avery, and Chuck Jones I animated a short cartoon in the traditional 2D style. It was difficult and exhilarating all at once and I hope people will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.”

To commemorate the debut of the animated short, an exclusive new collectible one-sheet—designed by Tartakovsky himself—will also be given away at all showings of HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA in Carmike Cinemas nationwide from October 26 (while supplies last).

HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA fans surfing the internet might just keep any eye out (not literally!) for a specially-created promo video popping up some time around October 31 (date TBD).

I can’t wait to see it. Here are two images the studio released from the film:

  • James

    Hey, pretty sweet! Nice that Sony have Genny the opportunity to get involved in more 2D work, even if it is just a short.

    Maybe they’ll let him hand-draw a Popeye short for the next feature…

  • Adrian C.

    At the recent ASIFA-Hollywood screening of “Hotel Transylvania” it was said that a new 2D short Genndy animated would appear on the home video release. I guess this is the short.

    In any event, I look forward to seeing this short. Looks like it could be fun!

  • Matthew Koh

    Looks like he followed the John K rule of inking.

    • akira

      what does that mean? is it a complement or insult? the inking looks pretty luscious to me (as does most work that has received the John K seal of approval)

      • Matthew Koh

        Actually, it’s a compliment.

        • SKent.

          yeah, but what does it mean? I don’t have the time to follow John K’s blog anymore.

    • DVD

      You stole my words.

  • Always nice to see 2D.

  • Rod Tramonte

    I thought Hotel Transylvania is the kind of movie that would work better as an animated series… many background characters had potential, but had very few screen time. A HT series in this hand-drawn style would be brilliant, let´s hope CN or Nick buys the pitch.

  • This looks so fun, I really want to see this. After recently seeing a few clips from HT with great animation I may have to watch it soon too.

  • He did all the animation himself in four weeks.
    I’m starting to think he could make a Samurai Jack movie on his own if he wanted too.

  • Wow! Can’t wait to see it! Genndy is the man.

  • Hey, that looks fun!

  • So now I have to track down a Regal and watch this movie again. Okay, I enjoyed this film actually so I don’t have a problem seeing it twice.

  • Don Adams

    If Sony ever wanted to follow Dreamworks success of turning their feature properties into tv shows (aka Penguins, Dragons, Aliens vs Monster) then this would be the movie to do it with. A 2d show like this short or end credits would be amazing.

  • wever

    When seeing the movie’s end credits, I was almost like, in an alternate universe, the movie was based on Genndy’s newspaper comic strip he created years ago and its style was incorporated into the 2D sequence! :D I am very excited to see this and I hope it opens people’s eyes to how hand-drawn shorts can make you feel!

  • Did he really animate an entire 7-8 minute short by himself in four weeks? Press always tends to blur the meaning of “animator”/”animating”, even though the word actually means something. It’s not improbable, but being an in-demand animation star makes it very unlikely (unless the thing moves like Rocky & Bullwinkle or Roger Ramjet).

    • My guess is he had a lot of creative control over it from character designs, to basic animatics, to even some key frames, while having a crew support him with backgrounds, coloring, in-betweens, etc. I’ve known some brilliant Newgrounds animators to create good shorts within a month while going to school, so it’s not unheard of, but this is definitely a case of the creator being heavily involved but having a crew work with him on it.

  • Well, I haven’t seen HT yet, I’ve been on a Genndy rush since Sym Bionic Titan started airing on Toonami, AND there’s a Regal theater within reasonable distance.. Hmm… ;)

  • Ross W

    Just by coincidence I went with the family last night to see Hotel Transylvania at a Regal Cinema before reading this post today. It was an enjoyable short, but I couldn’t help thinking that the hand drawn animation was the way he really wanted to animate the whole movie.

  • Inkan1969

    “only to find himself faced with an enthusiastic witch-maid, eager to make Mr. Foot’s stay a memorable one.”

    Sounds like the premise for a porn flick. :-)

  • Charles M.

    Nice to see Genndy hasn’t lost his touch! Looking forward to the release.

  • Folks, Genndy actually, really, honestly animated this short, by hand, by himself, in a month. I did some minor design/clean up work on it, and Rough Draft, Korea did the final clean up and color work. But this short is all Genndy, all finished in one month. Believe it or don’t.

    • Hey Stephen,
      At the time of my comment, I’d seen posts calling it a 7-8 minute short, hence my skepticism. Now that I realize it’s actually a two-minute short, I can believe it with little hesitation; it’s not an unheard of feat, but still very impressive.

  • I can’t wait to see it. The premise sounds pretty classic , something like the Daffy Duck cartoon A Pest in The House.

    I enjoyed Hotel Transylvania but it lacks some memorability factor. All the jokes worked to make me laugh but not many of them were ‘classic’ and memorable as the best moments of Dexter’s Lab. I thought the main characters were very likeable and the animation was awesome but something more could have been done with the story and gags.

    On the other hand, I can’t help but thinking the same script animated in 2D in Genndy’s style would have been automatically more memorable. Looks like a contradiction since the actual animation was really good and the few flaws were more related to the script. But just by having a different look to all those other movies out there this could have been something special. As it is, it does have funnier animation than the rest CGI movies, but since the morals, gags and story are pretty similar to most modern animated films, it doesn’t stand out as a classic one. “Just” a very fun and entertaining movie.

    I really hope Genndy gets more freedom in Popeye and yeah, it would be great to see some 2D animation in some scene or a short before it.

  • I saw “Hotel Transylvania” again with Genndy Tartavosky’s short in front of it. First off, I thought the short was fantastic. It’s amazing that Genndy did two minutes of relatively full animation by himself in just a month… A MONTH. It’s well worth seeing if you have a Regal theater nearby.

    Second, I liked the actual film a lot more the second time around. I LOVE the way they pushed the CG animation to have a looser cartoonier GRAPHIC feel to it. So kudos to the Sony guys for that!! Some of the storytelling could’ve been a bit… tighter… here and there and I could’ve done without the rapping at the end, but I think overall it’s definitely a solid film that doesn’t deserve the bashing that “professional” critics are giving it.

  • Ahmed Jameel

    This man is a genius, and the amount of love that goes into his work is inspiring. Wish they’d just let him make whatever he wants instead of picking up other people’s work.

  • Ali

    Anyone have a picture of the exclusive collectible sheet ?

    Is it similar to the Hotel Transylvania one ?

  • Eric W.

    I am happy to see more work for Genndy. After the clone wars shorts I had no clue where he had gone. His cinematic style is profound. To this day I still watch Samurai Jack to help inspire my own projects.