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Great, Now We Have To Start Calling Him Dr. Lasseter

Doctor Lasseter

This photo comes from davedoo’s Flickr page. The accompanying caption:

Saturday, May 2, 2009: A lovely day as Pepperdine University graduates the class of 2009. I had only one acquaintance that was graduating but childhood friend John Lasseter, who I grew up with at the Whittier Church of Christ, received an honorary doctorate for his work in computer animation as Chief Creative Officer of Pixar Animation and Walt Disney Imagineering. Congrats John!

  • Vvek

    the guy is worth every bit of respect he has earned. he has the excitement of a 4 year old when it comes to animation, and with that energy, its amazing what he has achieved.

  • Haha. Amid, your titling of this post is hilarious.

    Nonetheless, congrats to the man!

  • A black suit, John?? Tsk tsk ;-)

  • ovi


    some REAL change to the white-house.

  • Jason

    Yeah, change we can REALLY believe in!

  • Matt Sullivan

    Lassater / Bird 2012

  • mike Gabriel

    Congratulations, John. You are a legendary leader and visionary. It is an honor to work with you and try to live up to all that is in your brilliant head. Thanks for putting passion for excellence above all ego and studio competition. You honor the profession and the art form by your devotion to excellence wherever it may be found. You do all you can to inspire greatness in everyone in the industry. Because of one simple fact—-you love good animation. You get fired up wherever true believers kick in their honest passion to create something special. Thanks for coming back home to Disney to lead us not to crush us, which you could have easily done if you were a spiteful lesser man. Let’s take it to the next level if people are willing to admit they have much to learn and far to grow. We all need to keep the mind set of wearing robes of learning and being educated about how to make it better yet. This is your attitude and it permeates the new Disney.

  • Tragedy of P

    I used to make jokes to friends about how animators won’t ever have master’s or doctorate degree.

    This totally ruined it.

  • Esperanza

    We who grew up with him, will still continue to call him ‘Stinky’

  • The suit may be standard, but that tie… oh wow, check out that necktie…

  • Sean

    This guy is such a sham. MORE TINKERBELL DOCTOR!

  • Steve Gattuso

    What’s up, doc?

  • Vvek

    1st picture ive seen of him, without a hawaiian pixar shirt.

  • Congratulations, Dr. Lasseter! :D

  • Did y’all know he owns his own winery too?


  • Steve

    Has Lasseter’s reign at Disney really been so benign? I think there are those who might disagree.

  • Jessie

    I really think they need to do this for Pete Docter – just for my own personal amusement. :D