Hand Carved Animation Hand Carved Animation

Hand Carved Animation

We’ve seen animation with sand, with pin screens, and made by scratching directly on raw film. Here’s something new: Printed Linomation. British graphic designer Mark Andrew Webber created it, carving images by hand onto 296 individual pieces of Linoleum. He says it took 500 hours to create the film (the animation is looped three times). You can watch a “pencil test” using the actual Linoleum carvings here. Here’s an earlier experiment and here is time-lapse animation of Mark working on the carvings.

  • This is like the analog version of Ruth Lingford’s Amiga films.

  • Marvin

    That music track screams mid 1970’s. Just sayin’.

  • Hey Jerry! thanks for the feature! very much appreciated!. glad you like it!.

  • As someone who has worked in both printmaking and animation my hat is off to Mark that is a lot of work. And it looks great!