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Happy 95th to Ollie!

Happy birthday to animation legend Ollie Johnston who celebrates his 95th today!

Ollie Johnston

(Thanks, John Canemaker)

  • Happy Birthday Ollie! We’re so glad you did your amazing work for all of us to enjoy!

  • Brad Constantine

    Happy 95th birthday Ollie!!
    My wish for you is that you get to ride on a train today!!
    Thanx again for all of the great animation and personal memories!!
    we miss you down south!!

  • And thank goodness for C.B…..now we ALL can wish him the very best!! (I was very honored (& dumb-founded) to be able to MEET him (& the “9 Old Men”) ….when I attended the “Fox and the Hound” preview in N.Y. (Remember that, Jerry?) Wow!

    A giant & Happy B-dy, Mr. O.!! We, here at C.B., love you!!

  • Mike

    Happy Birthday, Ollie! I have a dalmation mix at home named in your honor :)

    Happy Halloween!

  • It’s an honor to view any thing you’ve ever done in your entire life; it’s a even greater honor to wish you the greatest of birthdays.

  • K.Borcz

    Wow! Happy Birthday!! :)

  • red pill junkie

    Happy Birthday Mr. Johnston! Thank you for all the joy you brought to our lives.

    And if you need help blowing up all those candles, gimme a call! :-)

  • Paul N

    Happy Birthdayween… Hallobday…

    Best wishes for a great day!

  • Happy Birthday Ollie! 95 years young & still going!

    Thanks for helping me become what I am today!

  • Happy 95th Ollie…I only hope to live out my time as long as that!

    And adding to Mike’s comment…I have one of two turtles blessed with your name as well (betcha can guess what the other one’s name is!).

  • Holy Cow… 95.

    Happy Birthday, Ollie. Hope the cake’s big enough for all the happiness you’ve given us :)

  • Happy 95th Birthday Ollie! I can’t say enough great things about you and your work – take care and good luck to you!

  • Lizbeth

    Mr. Johnston, there aren’t enough words. If you do get a chance to read this, I’d say thank you for sharing so much heart in your animation. I sincerely wish you all the best on your birthday.

  • Rhett Wickham

    Happy Birthday Ollie! You truly are a national treasure. As the champaign of actors – sparkling, refined and rare – you have given us some of the most memorable moments in film history, and we can not thank you enough.
    We also have some well wishers over at http://www.laughingplace.com that have been coming in throughout the day, so please take a look.
    Many Happy Returns, Ollie. We love you.

  • Matthew Coffin

    Happy Birthday Ollie!

    I’m so grateful you’ve shared your talent with us all! Animated movies wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for you and your cohorts.

    Happy 95!
    Matthew Coffin- Animation Mentor student

  • Happy Birthday Ollie

    Thanks for all the inspiration!

  • A very happy 95th to Ollie. Congrats on everything.

  • Andrew

    His birthday’s on HALLOWEEN!? The man us blessed!


    Thanks so much for ALL of the inspiration!

    …You were ALWAYS my favorite of the 9 ! ;)

  • Keith Paynter

    Happy B-Day, Mr. Johnston! Thanks for all years of fun. “There’s no school like the old school!”

    I wonder if he got candy instead of presents every year…

  • Sara Oswald

    Happy Birthday Ollie!
    My your life and work keep on inspiring us artists to keep on with what we love doing. Thank you for all you have done for us animation students and lovers of the art. We appreciate it so much!

  • Marc G.

    Have a good one, Mr. J! You deserve it!

  • Mr. Semaj

    Happy 95th, Ollie!

    Thanks for the decades of great entertainment, and best wishes.


    Hmmm… Ollie… I thought to myself what is your secret… then I thought again. What I learned from you a while back… It went,

    hm-hm-hm Eating greens is a special treat. It makes long ears and great big feet. But it sure is awful stuff to eat… I know there’s magic in that one somewhere.

    I thought that I’d watch FRANK AND OLLIE this evening. Just my way of celebrating with you all your fantastic gifts given us over the years.
    Bless Penny and Rufus, Thumper, Uncle Waldo, Your sweet Marie E. So many…
    Cheers Ollie… and Happy Birthday!

  • Yipes! HAPPY 95th BIRTHDAY, OLLIE!!!

    Terribly sorry for the belated wish though.
    Thank you for being such a huge inspiration!

  • Edward James

    Olllie is the oldest of them all. He wins!

  • the Invertabrat

    Happy Birthday Mr Johnston I hope its a good one.