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Happy Birthday, Marge Champion and Willis Pyle!

Willis Pyle and Marge Champion

With all the RIP posts recently, it’s refreshing to hear some news about animation veterans who are alive. Today is the 91st birthday of Marge Champion. Tomorrow is the 96th birthday of Willis Pyle. If you don’t know who these talented individuals are (or even if you do), it’s worth heading over to John Canemaker’s blog for a very nice tribute to both of them.

  • Jonah Sidhom

    Cool, thanks for posting this! Happy birthday to both!

  • Thank you for this positive post, Amid!

    Happy birthday to you both.

  • Steve

    Great positive post indeed! – and the short
    “happy birthday” comments don’t run into the date at the top, for us frustrated Firefox folks.

    The only solution I’ve found is to hit “enter” after the first 50 or so characters. I wish everyone would do the same… until a fix is found.

  • Rooniman

    An excellent post.

  • Last year I was lucky enough to meet her, and I must
    say that Marge Champion is indeed a lovely woman.

    And Hats Off to Willis Pyle! Any man who got along well
    with the very demanding Milt Kahl is alright in my book.

    It’s quite heartening to learn that these two,
    as well as a few others from the first “golden age”
    of animation are very much with us today.