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John Lasseter Becomes A Doctor…Again

John Lasseter accepting his honorary doctorate at CalArts. (Photo by Sean Buckelew.)

This evening John Lasseter received an honorary doctorate from his alma mater California Institute of the Arts. He also delivered the commencement address to the graduating class. Five years ago, Lasseter received his first honorary doctorate from Pepperdine University, the school that he dropped out of to attend CalArts. So, does this mean we have to call him Dr.² Lasseter now?

  • I don’t really get the point of these honorary doctorates, Is it so the university can claim that John Lasseter got a PHD from their school?

    • Lucas

      They often do that with guest speakers at graduations. More of a ceremonial thing I think.

    • RCooke

      It’s an attempt by the school to get money from the honoree. It worked for Pepperdine, where one of Lasseter’s sons goes.

  • michael

    WAIT!! You can recieve somting like that in animatoin!?!?

  • timmyelliot

    Sure, CalArts can give whatever honorary degree they want. It just seems more appropriate, because of their curriculum, to hand out Honorary Master’s Degree.

    • Taco

      Yeah, an Animation Doctor sounds a little odd. I’d much preffer being Animation Master or Animation Wizard! :-D

  • I didn’t realize he was one before. No matter, Dr. Lasseter has a nice ring to it.

  • Pedro Nakama

    Rightly so he get a doctorate from Cal Arts. He’s inspired many students to pay the high tuition and attend Cal Arts.

  • Mesterius

    If John Lasseter already received a doctorate five years ago, why aren’t all the Disney press releases with his name in them referring to him as *Dr.* John Lasseter? Surely that would be interesting information to the movie audiences. “Hmm, which animated film should I take my kids to tonight?… Oooh, this one is produced by a doctor!”

  • Santiago Casares

    Is there somewhere where we can watch his comencement speech?

  • Mac

    He mentioned that he and his class wanted to be like the New Hollywood of 70s but the medium didn’t have the respect even from Disney execs.

    In other news, Cars 3 2016

  • Jim Bumgardner

    Amusing since CalArts doesn’t have any degree programs beyond MFA.

  • Mohegan

    That has got to be the best comment I have ever read on Cartoonbrew!