Jorge Gutierrez and Sandra Equihua Jorge Gutierrez and Sandra Equihua

Jorge Gutierrez and Sandra Equihua

Husband-and-wife animation team Jorge Gutierrez and Sandra Equihua (the creators of El Tigre) were interviewed by about their animation careers. Three of the videos are available for free on Jorge’s blog, while the rest are behind a subscription wall. This video about their art education sheds light into the stigma that artists face in many countries for choosing a career in the visual arts:

  • Gracias for the link dudes!

    At some point they’re going to upload a video of me geeking out interviewing my childhood hero Sergio Aragones.

    TRUE STORY: When I was thirteen, my dad took me to meet Sergio at my first ComicCon. My father, the architect who was NOT a cartoon fan, said he knew him and of course, I did not believe him. It’s sounded ridiculous! Sure enough, we go to the ComicCon and do a giant line to get Sergio’s autograph. I’m super nervous and embarrassed for my dad. This lie has gone far enough. I ask him if we can leave.

    Suddenly Sergio recognizes my dad! And they hug.

    My little jaw dropped!! Turns out they were architecture classmates in Mexico City from back in their university days. I think at that moment, I saw my father in a completely different light. That day, Sergio talked to me about becoming a professional cartoonist and how much harder I would have to work being a foreigner in America. That talk changed my life.

  • humming

    I hear similar stories from friends of mine. Their parents are usually concerned with their prospects for a REASON, but that reason is very real. Look at the income of artists as compared to doctors or architects even today! In fact, I would say the gap between that is getting larger every year!

  • Tekena

    This choice of an animator sucks if your family lives in Nigeria. They don’t have an art district which is essential to a civilized country.

  • Richie, AKA Ricardo

    You rock, Jorge Gutierrez! Rifas mil, hombre! That anecdote is amazing, and so was the video! As a mexican teenager who wishes to triumph in foreign lands, not to mention a die-hard fan of El Tigre, you and Sandra are genuine inspirations to me! Keep on rockin’ hard! =’)

    Un abrazo, you two!

  • red pill junkie

    Cool Sergio Aragones anecdote —it almost feels like your dad was giving you a very subtle & tacit blessing on your career choice after all ;)

  • OtherDan

    Good stuff. Jorge, that was a great remark: that we each have a unique vision and to make it come to life = something fresh by that virtue. And, Sandra next time I see you I’m going to find out just how much you like giving your art away-jajaja!

  • This series of videos at are perhaps my favorites. It’s so lovely to see a husband and wife team do amazing, creative work together and their story is so incredibly inspirational. I just can’t give enough kudos to this series or to this fantastically talented couple.


  • Great interviews indeed. Thanks

    And Jorge, para agregar, not only have you met cartoon legend Mr. Aragones, you’ve WORKED with Chuck Jones and Maurice Noble too?!!! (*I’m reading Maurices book: Stepping into the Picture)

    Congrats to both, and from a fellow latino.. a seguir adelante!!

  • Hell yes! I love both of your work! You guys are truly Brown Power Rangers!

  • barney_miller

    Jorge, you are and will ALWAYS be El Macho! Sandra, I love how the video is frozen on the Youtube clip.

    Truly, two of the most amazing people and artists ever!