lowdi lowdi


I’ll be honest, I have no idea what this commercial is selling. But I’ll take ten of whatever it is. Sometimes it’s just as effective to sell the lifestyle as it is the product. The Lowdi spot was created by the French collective CRCR, who continually impress with their fresh take on drawn animation. Their crew on this piece was comprised of Rémi Bastie, Nicolas Dehghani, Paul Lacolley, Nicolas Pegon, and Jérémy Pires.

  • Can’t stop watching this thing. Seems like all the best cartooning and animation I see these days is coming out of France.

  • Mick

    Tower. Nice and smooth and twitchy too. I’ll take a bag of whatever it is.

    By the way, is this flash?

    • 8L

      I’ve been looking for their process for a long time, I believe it can be a mix of 3D elements + hand drawn fast sketches as an underlay then taking those rough frame animations and going into photoshop with them, and gradually creating the transitions between the overlaid rough work. (layer over layer) The color scheme seems to be the best selling point; no doubt about it, CRCR’s work is my favorite. They really know what they’re doing mixing design & animation together to create advertising that sells – hell, I want to buy a Lowdi now because of the spot!

  • Go lowdi.com and you’ll find out, Amid

  • ShouldBeWorkin”

    It’s a cool wireless speaker.

  • davew

    So slick! The french sure can draw! Love the style and everything.

  • CRCR are the best 2D animators in the world!

  • Never felt so bought in my life

  • Michael Rianda

    This is bonkers awesome!

  • Laura

    French goodness! These blokes can draw!