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Max Weintraub

Max Weintraub

Whether it’s the elegant animated navigation of his Flash portfolio site or the visually adventurous commercials and promos on his reel, Max Weintraub‘s work has style to spare. He’s a 2000 CalArts grad who is now living and working in Tokyo. I only discovered his work last week when his delightful freshman CalArts film, Dance Mania, featuring Michael Jackson, made the rounds on Facebook. His latest project is particularly interesting. He was commissioned by a Japanese TV network to create thirteen short animated pieces based on La Vilaine Lulu, a vintage illustrated boook by fashion icon Yves Saint Laurent. The website for the project doesn’t feature any of the episodes (as far as I can tell), but I love the simple, charming bits of animation with the girl and want to see more.

  • christy

    this is amazing! really great stuff!!!!

  • Joe

    Finally Max gets some propers! Go Max!

  • Great site, and GREAT work.

    Really fun stuff all around, i was completely digging it.

  • I remember Max from school. And, everything I’ve seen of his kicks butt. Great sense of style and rhythm. I’m surprised he isn’t widely known already.

  • akira

    MAX RULES!!!!!

  • ZigZag

    It was only a matter of time before Max blew up. He was a fellow student of mine at CalArts, and frankly, there was no one better. “Dance Mania” should be considered one of the best animated (student) films of all time, and that’s not even taking into consideration that it was done entirely with paper cut-outs under a camera. I strive to be as thoroughly creative and expressive as him. Congrats, Max. Thanks for posting this about him, Amid.

  • Brooke Keesling

    Thanks for posting this Amid. Like the other folks are saying, his film ‘Dance Mania’ was a favorite at CalArts when Max first made it….I remember watching it over and over, marveling at the timing. Still have my VHS copy of it somewhere.
    Yay Max!

  • steve brown

    I saw this film the first year I started working at CalArts and it is indelibly burned into my brain! So cool that Max is living and working overseas now.

  • doop

    That was HIS film? Wow! Man, I wish there was a way to get it online, it really is a sight to see, one of the best from the school for sure.

  • very cool site!

  • JT

    Max Weintraub is a brilliant artist! It’s about time he got some love from Cartoon Brew.

  • k borcz

    Wow that is a cool site. And I like the style. I need to learn to read japanese so i can figure out what all the links go to.

  • AI

    So amazing! Respect.

  • charactergirl1

    I was a fellow classmate as well. Dance Mania is Max’s second year film (I think) . His fist year film is just as amazing pre-flash. I believe he animated this using magnet cut outs. Amazing work !