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Mike Smith

The website of director and animator Mike Smith — RealMikeSmith.com — is a model for how an artist’s website should function. It’s an easy-to-navigate site packed with rare films, storyboards, line tests, commercials and music videos dating back to his earliest days, and materials from unproduced projects. I spent half an hour on the site and didn’t even come close to scratching the surface of everything that’s posted. Of course, it also helps that Mike has produced some excellent work throughout his career that’s well worth a view.

  • I’m blown away with the scope and ability Mr. Smith has. Is there anything he can’t do?

  • Chris Sobieniak

    That “Rocky” short got a lot mileage on MTV as I recall (though they did censor out the ‘growth’ from Rocky’s pants in one scene).

  • Although Smith is, frankly, a better artist than Spain Rodriguez, do I see an influence by the underground cartoonist?

  • Funny that this shows up right now, as I have been searching his website last week. I still have a very torn out VHS copy from about 1990 with what seems to be his showreel – it was one of three VHS cartridges handed around among animators in the studio, the other two being Richard Williams and Oscar Grillo. No credits, and a copy of a copy of a copy – but I watched it over and over again because of the sheer brilliance and the great designs.

  • greg m.

    Mike is a phenomenal force in animation. It will be great when he gets his chance to Direct a feature – it will be awesome!

  • Interesting find. I knew that there were animated clips of Tank Girl, but I didn’t know that Mike Smith of all people did them. If Mike Smith gets the chance to do animated features, I’m sure it would be one crazy ride. I think he can do justice for an animated film that is more true to the comics of Tank Girl.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Some people kinda wished that the Tank Girl movie was animated entirely than what they went for anyway.