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“Notebook Babies” by Tony Dusko

Tony Dusko is a grade-school teacher in Pennsylvannia who, for the last five years, has been using animation to communicate with his students. This film explains:

He has since made dozens of 1-minute or less Notebook Babies films – all of them teaching gentle lessons about behavior, encouragement and friendship.

Dusko has studied animation under Paul Fierlinger, and has since sold one of his little films to Sesame Street. Here is his latest one:

(Thanks, Yvette Kaplan)

  • Glowworm

    I always really loved his video about owls. That one was adorable and informative.

  • I love these. Such gentle humor and just the right dash of silliness.

  • These are wonderful!

  • Erica

    Amazing and very inspiring! I am also a teacher and I generally use animated videos in class to explore ideology and cultural aspects with my sudents. Maybe now I’ll start creating my own videos as well.