Paul Driessen at UCLA Paul Driessen at UCLA

Paul Driessen at UCLA


Dutch animator Paul Driessen will make a rare Los Angeles area appearance next week, on Friday March 16th.

Driessen will do an Q & A at the UCLA James Bridges Theatre following a screening of some of his best work. The program begins at 7pm and there will be a reception after the screening. The whole evening is free (though parking is $8.00 in Lot 3 and you may need to RSVP). See you there!

  • Wow! I have never actually heard of this fellow. After watching the reel in that link, I realize I have seen his stuff for years but never had a name for the memories. Wonderful.

    man, i gotta keep drawing.

  • This guy is what it’s all about

  • Paul Driessen is an example of creative integrity for all those “teenagers” of animation who still adore manga or Disney mutants.

  • I don’t think it’s possile to be a lover of animation and not adore Paul Driessen’s work. I’m sad that I will not be able to attend.