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People in the News

Two newspaper articles of note today, both concerning animation folk living life their way:

Did you know that Glenn Morrissette, who orchestrates music for Family Guy, does his thing out of an RV he drives around L.A.? The L.A. Times has the full story.

Ever wonder what happened to Frank and Caroline Mouris, Academy Award winners for their short Frank Film (1973)? The Wall Street Journal reports they are happily content being dog sitters in upstate New York.

  • Some Girl

    No sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.
    Hehe, well, whatever makes them happy I guess.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      At least they’re doing something! I suppose in some way fame didn’t go through their heads like we thought, and that’s a good thing to some.

  • Toonio

    Whatever makes you happy man! Whatever makes you happy :)

    And on the plus side if you don’t like your neighbors, you move! ;)

  • Manumuh

    The Mourises’ “Frank Film” remains one of the best-deserved short animated film Oscars ever. No one has ever topped it. And they got away from Hollywood with their minds intact, which is all any sane person can ask.

  • mental note: buy rv and make friends w/ dog owners. I should get into the animation industry in no time! Woo Boy!

  • Something that the article doesn’t seem to mention is that Frank and Caroline continue to make intelligent animated films.

  • I frequently wonder what happened to Frank.

  • It’s amazing Morrissette can do all of his work out of an RV that he lives in! I never cease to be impressed by today’s technology…Your actual location is no longer important (as long as an internet signal and electricity are available).

  • I just showed Frank Film today to my design class at Mass Art it still looks so fresh and innovative & they were blown away by it!