Sanjay Patel Interview Sanjay Patel Interview

Sanjay Patel Interview

A profile of Sanjay Patel, Pixar animator and illustrator of Ramayana: Divine Loophole, which aired on PBS recently.

(Thanks, Rogelio T.)

  • Congrats Sanjay!!! And I can’t wait to buy your new book.

  • Deaniac

    Nice video. If you looke closely at the scenes where Sanjay is animating the Cars short, you can see the software that Pixar uses to produce its films..

  • That was a really “feel-good” inspirational story.

    Congrats Sanjay for finding what you like to do. Not many people can say that.

  • patrick smith

    his ramayana film looks really great.. but is there a reason why every film that tackles that story has that similar graphic look?? i can’t help to think that it’s quite similar to nina paley’s version. still looks amazing though! (btw i hate being that guy that points out that something looks like something else.. but oh well)

  • Ridd

    Big fan of this fella. Thanks for posting

  • STEF


    I actually liked your sketches SO MUCH better than whatever you were doing in that pixar short. There is so much volume and life in the characters when they are on pencil. (Specially loved the one with Ganesha looking down at his husk craddled on his arms.) I think it flattens a little taking out the outlines and just filling them in with color. But the atmosphere in your digital paintings sure makes up for that.
    Sure, Pixar’s storytelling is really sophisticated, but if you could sum that with your drawing skills (it almost broke my heart when you said you didn’t draw anymore. I was happy to know it wasn’t exactly true.) it would give life to something just as unique and beautiful.

    Keep up with the things you love the most!

  • Way to go Sanjay! Keep doing what you love!

  • I love the Patel’s work, that book is an masterpiece of the design, colors, pure eye candy.