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Here’s the reel from London-based boutique animation studio Sweetworld. Founded in 2006 by Yasmeen Ismail and Sandra Salter, the studio specializes in designing, directing and producing commercial animation with an emphasis on traditional hand-drawn styles. Check out their website for complete examples of their work.

  • David Levy

    Sweetworld does wonderful work! I met Yasmeen Ismail at the 2008 Hiroshima International Animation festival, where we both had films in competition. And, since then, my wife and I had the pleasure of visiting with her again in London and New York. She’s a great gal, a huge talent, and a wonderful animator/filmmaker.

  • Good stuff there!

  • Ariel

    It’s stuff like this that makes animation fun(*and innovating) again.

    Are they hiring?

  • Sweetworld is a great company. Their clients are doing some great work! Here is an article about Sweetworld from jotta.