“Thought of You” by Ryan Woodward

This gorgeous animated short is an exploration of moving gesture drawings by Brigham Young University animation instructor Ryan Woodward (Osmosis Jones). He explains the creative process behind the piece here.

(Thanks, Anthony Holden and Motionographer)

  • PeteR

    Wow! Nice. Could’ve done without the cheesy effects, though. Excellent.

  • Martyn

    I adore this, i’d go as far as saying it’s almost perfect.

  • jay

    It’s so gorgeous! Minus the last turning point of the film.

  • Sinem Sakaoglu

    it’s beautiful and moving.

  • It gorgeous. I love the collaboration between the two arts. My only question is whether he decided on leaving the construction lines in there or if he realized it looks better with them afterward as he approached clean-up. From watching the excellent behind the scenes video, it looks like it was planned (and there was no clean-up stage), but either way I think it was a great decision. The motion is so fluid and the shapes are so organic and appealing. Beautiful, through and through.

  • Spencer

    Note-perfect direction/choreography, stunning animation, awesome song.

    Made me cry a couple times.

  • Weight, volume, timing, fluidity – BRAVO!
    Really, really well done!

  • Gorgeous!!!! I believe this is a good example of how good animation works much better than MOCAP.

  • Iritscen

    Excellent! I am a big fan of incorporating realistic motion into animation, whether through roto or just using reference footage. Makes me want to go animate something right now.

  • This was great. Thanks for reminding me that animation is an art form not just a way to make money.

  • Brad Constantine

    very cool

  • Keith


  • Jay Sabicer

    It’s nice to see a teacher practice what he preaches. There must be a few BYU animation students who had their jaws drop open as they saw it. Very fluid and the effects were very Michel Gagné (which is to say, amazing).

    • Ryan worked with and was mentored by Michel for many years. :)

  • This is one of the most gorgeous pieces of animation I’ve seen in years, without a doubt. Amazing work.

  • That is awesome.

  • Mac

    After watching both the clip and the behind the scenes follow up, I believe that this was mostly rotoscoped.

    It is still nice.

  • Gorgeous. Animation IS abstraction!!!

  • VERY NICE!!!! If anyone is wondering about the song used, it’s “The world spins madly on” by the Weepies.

  • Wonderful hand drawn art.

  • It’s a damn shame that Sundance turned this one down.

  • Ben K.

    So beautiful.

  • John

    Is this rotoscoped?

  • bob

    parts of it appear to be rotoscoped, or he uses direct reference, for example having the video running on a seperate screen, its still beautiful though you cynics!