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TUESDAY in L.A. – Gene Deitch in Person

If you are in Southern California next Tuesday, July 6th, come and meet animator Gene Deitch who will appear in person at a tribute screening at the CineFamily/Silent Movie Theatre.

This is part of my regular monthly animation screenings at the CineFamily. Regular Brew readers know who Deitch is: he’s one of the last living directors of animated cartoons from the golden age; the creator of Tom Terrific, Sick Sick Sidney and Nudnik; and an incredible cartoonist, designer and human being. We will screen an overview of his vast career – including several rarities – and conduct a Q&A.

Seating is limited. Tickets can be ordered in advance HERE. Deitch lives in Prague and rarely ever visits his hometown (Los Angeles!) – Don’t miss this one-time-only public appearance by the Oscar winning Gene Deitch!

  • Michael F.

    The designs of those Nudnik cartoons always make me smile.

  • Steamboat Bill

    The Mad Elephant had to have influenced Hornswiggle. Deitch is one of the last living legends of the golden age. His words of wisdom should help with the current problems within the industry.

  • These designs are funny….

  • Robert Fiore

    I don’t know if there was anybody who could make more out of limited resources than Deitch. He had a knack for making it look like an artistic choice. This was a great show when they did it at the Cinematheque some years back, though there you got to see “The Juggler of Our Lady” in full CinemaScope.