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Watch: Bruce Timm’s New Short ‘Batman: Strange Days’

DC Comics has posted online the new 3-minute Bruce Timm short Batman: Strange Days that was created in honor of the character’s 75th anniversary. Watch it below:

PLUS: Behind-the-scenes of Batman: Strange Days with Bruce Timm:

  • Craig Stephen Tower

    Boy, i needed that.

  • Justin Agai

    Kevin Conroy!

  • DangerMaus

    Vacant of any context. Just an extended action scene without a beginning and a cliched end. The look of it was good though. It reminded me a lot of Batman:TAS. It also reminded me of how good that series was compared to this.

  • martin

    preferred bruce timm’s storyboards over this. wish the animation was better.

    • Craig Stephen Tower

      I ALWAYS prefer Timm’s storyboards.
      He’s really a natural born comic-book artist that ended up in animation (which is pretty lucky, as animation needed him more!)

    • Jason Mounce

      but…..the animation was made by Bruce Timm………

      Do you not know how to read? Why did 4 people Upvote you? The title literally reads: “Watch: Bruce Timm’s New Short ‘Batman: Strange Days’”

      For you to then go “I prefer Bruce Timm’s storyboards over Bruce Timms storyboard”…..

      • John

        Storyboarding and animating are not the same thing.

        • Jason Mounce

          Who animated it then?

          • Hankenshift

            Most likely animated overseas. It looks it. Not very good really. And the script is ho-hum–been-there-done-that 50,000,0000 times. I think I understand the “like storyboard” comment.

    • JohnHondon

      You guys realize this is suppose to be a homage to not only Batman, but to B:TAS right? That’s why it feels very similar?

  • Alberto Vasquez

    Wow, the costume design is a perfect match to the Original costume Black and White Saturday morning movie serials.

  • Kim

    So, first of all the teargas gun somehow shoots through the propeller of the plane – and somehow the girl is not affected by the teargas, only the bad guys. *sigh*

    • Roberto del Corazõn

      Nitpicking, somehow. -Sigh-

    • Tony

      Fighter-plane guns do shoot through the propeller – they utilise a timing mechanism that connects the prop to the firing pin, making it only hit in the gaps between propeller blades. Crazy but true.

    • Craig Stephen Tower

      Actually, machineguns of that era DID shoot through propellers (there was a mechanism that synchronised the two).
      Haven’t you ever seen a movie with a WWI style dogfight before?

    • WW1

      Plans that could shoot through propellers have been around for a long time. As for the girl not being affected, I wondered the same. Doesn’t matter though I thought it was till good.

    • woj1s

      Tear gas shoots through the propeller using an interrupter gear:

    • zac leck

      Early single engine fighting planes had specially timed guns that shot between the spinning propeller so as not to damage it. It’s only a 100+ year old concept.

    • MaskedManAICN

      Well back in the day, they actually did time machine guns to shoot through propellers- WWI
      As for the girl- looks like she managed to run away before it really took affect- but yeah, that’s a cheat!

  • Jay

    Timm is god. Hope they do more shorts… Or let him helm a full movie with this much production value and richness.

  • Joe Horne

    although he may not want to…but he’s kinda the right cat for live action DC films…ya know just like Tashlin, Burton or Bird…but that’s just me….

  • MaskedManAICN

    Very nice, finish they’d make a whole dvd movie like this.

  • Diego Cumplido

    I loved the concept and the design, but the animation looks cheap for a 3 minute short. I really want a Bruce Timm’s project fully realized!!

  • James Madison

    This was a great short. Really good to see a Bruce Timm project again.

  • BurntToShreds

    It’s sad that this 3 minute short provides some of the best action that’s aired on Cartoon Network in the longest time.

  • Funkybat

    I happen to really prefer the look and feel of 90s-era Batman The Animated Series. I have seen more than enough “slick CG” to last me, thanks. I’m also not too fond of most of the new (and quite varied) art designs used on the last few DC animated direct-to-video films.

    I agree with the criticisms that the story (as it were) was very basic and been there, done that. I felt like this was more of an exercise in character and art nostalgia. It worked fine as such, but I would have expected a little more from the story, even if it is only a few minutes long.

  • Joe Chill

    Why not fluid moving hand-drawn animation? I always feel like characters that were originally drawings look better as drawings. And hand-drawn is as fluid as CG if it’s done well.

  • Joe Chill

    Why was this the concept chosen for the 75 year anniversary short? It looked good enough I suppose, but the story was nothing special.

  • Lou

    Love this !

  • Ezequiel

    they need to make a more studio ghibli fluid animation and detail, that would kick ass