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I absolutely love this music video from director Sugimoto Kousuke:

(Thanks, Carlo Guillot)

  • Isaac

    Pretty clever.

  • ok, at first I wasn’t too wild about it but when it picked up complexity and chaos it really delivered the goods.

  • Amazing!….By the way, I saw it silent and it works a treat!

  • Tony Wilkey

    Sharp, quick and clean. The styles also merge very well.

  • Anna

    That was a riot! Especially “new Charanger” and shoujo-movie overlaps

  • Ashanti

    That was waaay smurfy!

  • Great! And one of the very few videos actually getting the visuals in sync with the musical structure. I didn’t know there was that much narrative potential hidden in such a simple tune.

  • christian

    i laughed alot! only the japanese can make something like that! (japanophille here)…

  • Ben

    I didn’t think it was gonna be up to much when I clicked on it but I was proved wrong. Awesome video.

  • Michel Van


  • Amazing!

  • Simple idea, brilliant execution. His best yet.
    I’m just going to get “why didn’t I think of that” tattooed on my forehead one day.

  • Wow, so much to take in! It’s one of those videos you want to watch again and again to find new things. I love how each set is it’s own main colour, when they all start to crossover it’s clear which is from where even if it’s moving so fast. Brilliant stuff!

  • slaaaaammmiiinnn!!!! Give this guy a real deal, ya-dig!

  • Japan’s version of “The Band Concert” and the ending of “Hockey Homicide” combined as one ladies and gentlemen.

  • Erik

    wow, what a great music video! another supercosmic struggle, and another defeat to the aliens! (…and the music deserves a word of praise as well. reminds me of daft punk.)

  • Arthur

    Great video.
    Along the same lines as the music video for Royksopp “Eple”.