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Artist of the Day: Alex Grigg

Alex Grigg

Alex Grigg is an Australian artist working in London. He posts work on his portfolio and blog.

Alex Grigg

Alex creates 2D and 3D animation commercially and for personal projects. He has refined a workable method of animating in Photoshop that allows him access to the varied brushes and mark-making tools in the program. This is a video guide on his methods.

These are his “Idiots” loops for the monthly LoopdeLoop animation challenge:

Alex Grigg

And this is an animated GIF from the project Alex and Jason Pamment are working on for the Late Night Work Club:

Alex Grigg
  • andy kennedy

    Alex makes awesome things.

  • Great work Alex. Can’t wait to see your Late Night Work Club short.

  • That animation in photoshop walkthrough on his site is awesome. Some beautiful work here.

  • Alex is amazing. Glad to see his work pop on Cartoonbrew!

  • Onin

    Yep, loving his work