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Artist of the Day: Barry Johnson

Barry Johnson

Barry Johnson has worked on feature animated films for Aardman, Disney and DreamWorks as a story and development artist.

Barry JohnsonBarry Johnson

Barry shares story sketches on his blog from unrealized projects that were in development (such as the bears drawing above from DreamWorks), and others that represent the beginnings of memorable moments in films that made it to theaters, such as Timon doing the hula in The Lion King:

Barry JohnsonBarry Johnson

There is a lot more of his work, as well as posts about other story artists on his Tumblr.

Barry JohnsonBarry JohnsonBarry Johnson
  • Pock C

    Thanks you so much, his story sketches are amazing !

  • The Artist of the Day section has become my daily dose of inspiration. There are just so many talented people.