Jason Scheier Jason Scheier
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Artist of the Day: Jason Scheier

Today’s Cartoon Brew Artist of the Day post is sponsored by the CG Master Academy. Sign up TODAY for Jason Scheier’s class Fundamentals for Creative Environment Design.

Jason Scheier

Jason Scheier is a visual development and concept artist at DreamWorks Animation SKG. Jason creates digital paintings as well as designs concepts in 3D.

Jason Scheier

In 2008 Jason drew the above concept presentation pieces for The Guardians of Childhood project at DreamWorks that eventually became Rise of the Guardians.

The following digital paint studies were created as personal projects and class demonstrations:

Jason ScheierJason ScheierJason ScheierJason ScheierJason Scheier

This is Jason’s modified Chevy Camaro design for the upcoming DreamWorks pic Turbo. The car was built and displayed at the Chicago Auto Show. See more of Jason’s work on his blog.

Jason ScheierJason Scheier
  • Danielle

    Awesome, Jason is the man. He taught my environment class in school. Not only is he an amazing artist, but he’s also a super nice guy. Glad to see him on here!

  • Roberto Severino

    Simply breathtaking, especially the digital paintings!

  • Carlos Villarreal Kwasek

    I’m really happy to see this! I really enjoyed Jason’s class and I enjoy more looking at his work.