Three years in the making, and it looks damn good. Yellow Cake
by Nick Cross – read his production blog and watch it here:


Another cartoon Dennis and his Dad won’t be seeing on TV. From
Cartoon Network’s aborted Cartoonstitute program, created and …


Back in July we posted about a new Nintendo game in development,
Epic Mickey. Now, the November issue of Game Informer …


Today’s Dennis The Menace panel. Is this a swipe at prime time
and cable cartoon shows? My caption would’ve been: “I …


Here are two non-narrative pieces that are quite pleasing to the
eye. Adam Avilla and Tony Benna have joined forces to “try …

Music Videos

Michael Fragstein directed this video for the group Vania and
the Master. It looks even better in High Def. Fragstein …


For several hours over the weekend, 14 Cartoonstitute shorts
were posted on You Tube. Monday morning they were all gone. …

Feature Film

This is an absolutely beautiful teaser trailer for a proposed
feature by a group of Argentine animators. Diego De Rose and …


We’ve posted often about Jules Engel, and now the iotaCenter has
released a DVD of his later, rarely seen experimental …

Music Videos

“Enchanted by a pixie, a child called Yorick enters a magical
kingdom, but when Yorick returns he finds his world ravaged by …