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Listen to Phil Tippett’s Great Tip To Artists At the Annie Awards

Hands down the most entertaining speech at the Annie Awards tonight was delievered by animator and director Phil Tippett (Return of the Jedi, RoboCop, Jurassic Park) who received a Winsor McCay Award for lifetime achievement. After telling stories of a Steven Spielberg vomiting episode and warning audiences that he himself might projectile vomit on them due to a bad batch of hummus at the pre-award ceremony, he ended his speech with this modest but resonant piece of advice:

  • popyea

    Great advice. Buck trends and evolve through originality.

  • seras_nikita

    Hi … are you clicking on the link one tier down? during the ceremony there was a live-cam feed, and it’s offline now. When I clicked on that I got the message you described. Here’s the Vimeo link to the Tippett clip:

  • Taco

    The term Subversive comes from the old verb subvert, or overturn, turn upside down ect… The meaning relates to people (subversives) who want to cause revolution and to overturn the governing powers that be. Those intending to over-throw an established organization or system by working in a
    systematic, secretive way against it
    is probably the simplest way to put
    it. Saying “Swap the people who are on the bottom, and the people who are on the top.” is one type of broad example.

    And in honour of the late Mr Philip Seymour Hoffman… one could say that the use of drugs, such as heroin, subvert the aims of our society. One could also say that the affects of a drug like heroin are subversive, as it starts out by doing one thing, (making you feel really “happy” & content) but it ends up causing much sorrow (through a chronic, relapsing addiction & mental deterioration) so you’d obviously feel quite the opposite. In all of these examples, “subversive” is used with a sense of its original meaning; to reverse, overturn & sometimes undermine.

    I don’t think any of Phil Tippett’s VFX work (to my knowledge) has been greatly subversive. Then again, he did do Starhip Troopers (the first film, not the crappy follow on films & 3D anime) which you could argue is a subversive depiction of the military mindset & global military governance. But hey, he’s a cool old guy & he can say what he wants at a dumb awards show.

    • Jonathan Lyons

      Phil is probably referring to his independent work, such as the stop motion short “Mad God.”

  • John A

    I guess at this point in his carreer he can say anything and get away with it, maybe that’s what he considers being subversive. Deep down, everyone fancies themselves to be some kind of a rebel. I’m not familiar with the man’s personal life, but I’ve seen his work from the past 30+ years and I’d attribute his success to being talented, innovative, and reliable.

  • Hal Hickel

    If that’s a joke, it’s not funny. If it’s in earnest, it’s just terribly sad. Phil’s didn’t say offensive, he said subversive. The fact that you’re terrified of “HR” coming down on you, means you need Phil’s advice more than ever.

  • Pedro Nakama

    I’d like to see more subversive stuff.

  • joe98

    Yeah, not so sure that’s “great advice.” Be original, be creative; sure. Although it’s been pretty much impossible to be the former for, oh, decades now. But “subversive?” Nah, not so much the thing you want to do if you’re attempting to build a career. Still an amazing effects artist, though. One of the best ever.

  • mick

    righto. You act ‘like you have no opinion’ human resources will reward you on the spot. What a stupid thing to say.

  • Mike Toole

    A baby boomer aged old man in the creative arts preaching subversion? Really? Do you think he listens to rock and roll ?