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It’s Time to Vote: Cartoon Brew’s Coverage of Oscar-Nominated Films

In just 10 days, on February 26, the Oscars will be presented in Los Angeles. Members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences have started their final voting.

The animation categories were more competitive than ever this season; both the features and shorts categories had a record-number of contending films. This is the new reality of animation, a booming (and blooming) art form. While every year won’t be a record-setting one, the Academy can expect in the future many more worthy contenders from all corners of the globe.

Below, you’ll find Cartoon Brew’s coverage of the films in the three Academy Award categories that we regularly cover: animated feature films, animated shorts, and vfx. Stay tuned for additional coverage of some of these films between now and next weekend’s ceremony.

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Animated Short Film
Visual Effects
  • ea

    The animated categories should be restricted only to those who have seen ALL the films, and voting based on knowledge and experience with animation, not on whether their kids liked them or not.

    • Couldn’t agree more – this kind of bias judging continues to believe that animation is a kids’ medium, rather than an art form that is meant for any age at any time.

      • ea

        Imagine if Moonlight, Hacksaw Ridge or Hell or High Water were animated films. They’d have a hard time getting into BAF, let alone Best Picture, and simply to lose to Disney/Pixar!

    • Fried

      You realize most of the awards that aren’t dramas are typically shunned by the voters, right? This isn’t exactly an issue limited to animation. Do you think people writing comedies who get nominated enjoy that they’re practically guaranteed a loss if their comedy doesn’t also include drama, ie: Birdman? You think most of the voters understand visual effects and sound design just as well as they do screenwriting?

    • aquapyro

      If that were the case, then it would happen to every other catagory. Wish people would stop complaining about this. Animation isn’t the only one that gets shafted, ITS EVERY CATEGORY. Do you really care to see Best Foreign Film, Best Documentary Short, etc? Cause if you didn’t then you shouldn’t vote at all. Is that it? Cause you do know that the ENTIRE Academy votes for all the categories after the nominations are announced right?

  • MadRat

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  • Johnny Marques

    My picks would be Kubo (x2) and Blind Vaysha. Despite Disney’s monopoly being generally absurd, at least their 2 movies this year are pretty decent, I wouldn’t really have a problem with Moana taking home the award.

  • Steven Bowser

    Disney’s films were actually really good this time around. Wasn’t happy about Big Hero 6 before, but this time Moana and Zootopia are actually pretty solid imo. I wouldn’t really be upset if Disney “won AGAIN” because I actually like those films.