VFX Oscar Race is Narrowed Down To 10 Films

The vfx shortlist includes the expected (“Doctor Strange,” “The Jungle Book”) and the unexpected (“Kubo and the Two Strings,” “Arrival”)

Andy Serkis Does Everything, Animators Do Nothing, Says Andy Serkis

In his never-ending quest to be recognized as a serious thespian, character actor Andy Serkis continues to minimize the role of the animators who make his performances possible. With each interview he gives, Serkis seems to do more and more of the work, and the animators less and less. About the only thing Serkis doesn’t do at this point is build his own motion capture rigs and provide his own craft services.

The Milt Kahl Head Swaggle

Like a signature, each animator has their own little quirks or trademarks that distinguish their animation from others. Some draw …

DQE Announces “Jungle Book” Feature

Hyderabad, India and Los Angeles, CA —DQ Entertainment Ireland Limited (DQE) is expanding its production pipeline with the creation …