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Disney Hand-Drawn Animation Still Exists…As Papercraft

Why produce expensive hand-drawn animation when you can placate your audience for the cost of lunch at Spago’s? Animation artist Henrique Jardim noticed that at yesterday’s CTN Road Expo animation event in Burbank, Disney was handing out papercraft animation desks complete with disc and peg bar. He tweeted the photo above along with this note:

  • Gavin Mouldey

    That’s in bad taste. I want one.

  • paulnaas

    They’ve been handing these out for a couple years now. The timing is bad, sure, but this is not something new for them.

  • Jeremy Galante

    They’re probably just clearing out the storage closets. They handed those out at the Ottawa fest back in 2010 during a Q & A on Tangled. A little teaser of hope back then that’s now been quickly snuffed out.

  • canimal

    i’ve seen these before, one of my professors has one and let me put it together for her like two months ago.

  • TStevens

    Every company wants to present themselves as a having a connection to the past while being forward looking. The irony is that the embracing of the past is usually for marketing and PR purposes. It isn’t very romantic to think that a character is made up of 0s and 1s so you present an image that there might be artists creating the films. Think of it this way… Pixar probably wouldn’t hand out cut-outs of workstations made in the 80s because it feels cold. Pixar always markets themselves as fun loving artists. The paper craft desk is Disney’s marketing department trying to create a romanticized image about artists and the past even though it doesn’t exist anymore.

    • sasquatch_with_a_swatch_watch

      Something like FIVE Disney Channels and never a Treasure Island or a classic Disney ‘toon- EVER? Trust me, its a deliberate effort on Disney’s part to help people forget the magic that’s simply not being made anymore.

      Why bother with slow-cooked traditional cuisine when they have the CGI McRib that people want everywhere.

  • Guest

    It started with a mouse and it ended with a bunch of rats.

    • Power_Animator

      now thts humor lol

  • Just put a pink slip in Mickey’s hand…

  • Natalie Belton

    Perhaps Disney is giving these away because they don’t need them anymore (like their traditional animators).

  • This just makes me sad.

  • In light of the direction Disney has taken with it’s animation, perhaps the conditions are just about right for a lone studio to create a hit hand drawn movie and incite a new Renascence in animation.

  • Murray

    Next year they can hand out folding executive coke spoons.

  • I got those at SIGGRAPH in 2010