DreamWorks Artist Accused of Shooting Puppy, Hammering it to Death DreamWorks Artist Accused of Shooting Puppy, Hammering it to Death
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DreamWorks Artist Accused of Shooting Puppy, Hammering it to Death

Young Song, a surfacer who has worked at DreamWorks Animation since 2003, is being accused of climbing into a neighbor’s yard and shooting a German Shepherd puppy with a pellet gun. Then he returned and hammered the dog into a “bloody, motionless pulp.” The dog is still missing but a surveillance video exists. “It’s one of the worst cases we’ve ever seen,” Hillary Gatlin of the the Pasadena Humane Society told the NY Daily News. Song is being held on bail, and faces up to four years in prison if convicted. Though his actions are unjustifiable, a neighbor has described Song in terms that make one wonder if there’s more to the story: “He’s a very nice and kind person. He has three dogs of his own and chickens in the backyard. It’s a total surprise.”

Here’s a news story about the incident:


(Thanks, Rob)

  • Jason

    Man I hate these stories. If he’s innocent, he’ll be forever remembered as the guy that killed a poor animal. It’ll forever affect his career from this point on just from people googling his name or Dreamworks just firing him right now just to be safe.

    Now if he’s guilty…

  • Sally

    That’s shocking.

    Maybe he was sleep-deprived and overworked. If the puppy was barking it could have made him snap. Thats no excuse for an evil rampage though. Lets hope he gets jail time.

    • Jeff

      Watch the video. They said the dog was muzzled.

      • NC

        Do you have a link?

      • Harry

        A dog can bark even if it is muzzled. My family dog did all the time.

  • Ferg

    Did he do the DreamWorks smirk afterward?

  • AltredEgo

    Four years in prison.
    2 million+ Americans in jail and you’d like to add this guy as well?
    There are more people in prison in America than in all of China!
    I’m not justifying it, but 4 years in prison! The American taxpayer should spend more than $100,000 on housing this guy because he killed a dog?
    Wouldn’t an appropriate punishment be financial restitution+damages, and community service and some type of probation?
    Geez…I hope if he’s guilty and convicted, that he won’t really see the inside of a jail cell and that sentence would be reduced. Otherwise, that’s just crazy to me.

    • Sally

      I don’t think a financial penalty and community service is enough. To savage a harmless dog with a hammer requires a severe lack of empathy. Not just for animals, but all living things. Countless murderers abused animals before switching to humans.

      • AltredEgo

        Correlation does not equal causality.
        I’m not justifying what he allegedly did, but punishments should fit the crime. You can savagely kill a chicken, or a cow and not go to jail. You can interbreed dogs until the new puppies are born with severe defects. You can genetically modify animals until they live in constant distress and all of that is perfectly legal. Relative cuteness should is not a real factor when making laws or punishments.

        The dog was someone’s beloved property, so the punishment should be proportional.

        Also there is an entire philosophical debate over ‘owning’ living things, but in our
        current society if you buy something with your own money then it is your property under the law.

        And you can only put someone in jail for the crime they committed not the crimes they might commit the future.

        Again the cost of housing this person for 4 years seems to suggest that the law needs to start looking at alternatives to prison as punishment.

        Here’s a thought experiment: neighbour kills family dog. Family receives $100,000 in government bereavement compensation. Does this seem reasonable to you? Because in both cases the taxpayer is out the $100,000. It either goes to the prison or the family. The dog, which is not a human being, is still dead.

      • Truly a well reasoned response. I love animals,have owned many cats and dogs through the years, but I have also cared for loved ones who, due to un-diagnosed medical problems, have acted suddenly out of character, and to be frank, deranged.
        There has to be some common sense applied to this, in regards to punishment and restitution, as well as some court mandated check ups. I am not excusing the behavior, but if this “normal”guy suddenly goes off his nut, there may be deeper things happening.

      • OtherDan

        “The dog was someone’s beloved property”-I think that legalese framework is the flawed part to your argument Altered Ego. Comparing a dog to a cow or chicken is one thing. But, if one savagely killed either a chicken or cow with a hammer as in this case, I think the reaction and stigma toward the perpetrator would be the same. Okay, by law we can call our pets “property”. But, in accordance with a higher law (call it humaity/ethics) they are living creatures with feelings that we share this world with. Just put yourself in the mindset of someone capable of brutalizing another living thing so violently. There is something seriously wrong with that guy. And, I wouldn’t want him as my neighbor. I’m not a fan of prison-it inhumane really, but a severe punishment and psychiatric attention is in order-at the very least. Whomever did that is sick-very sick! I’d say shoot him with a pellet gun, and make him work (supervised) in an animal shelter until his heart gets repaired.

    • Jeff

      A more appropriate punishment would be for him to be shot with a pellet gun and then beaten with a hammer until he was dead.

      • wgan

        your comment is not cool just like what he did

      • derpderp

        indeed. if you have that sort of an idea of justice by way of animal rights, you better be the strictest vegan ever, buddy.

    • Chris Webb

      I agree.

      When I said I agree, I mean I agree with AltredEgo.

    • That’s “up to” four years.

      One dog, first offense. There’s no way he’ll get 4 actual years for that.

      Somewhere in L.A. a lawyer is figuring out how to explain “crunch time” to a jury. Or he better be.

    • Gray64

      There are more people in prison in America than there are in prison in China (at least, I hope that’s what you meant, and you weren’t infering that there are more people in jail in the US than there are people in China, which would be ludicrous) because we have a free society with a functioning criminal justice system, of which incarceration is an unavoidably component. Quite frankly, we have more petty crime in the US because our people are independant minded and not worried that Government Stormptroopers are going to come for them in the middle of the night. Do you really wish it were otherwise?
      I find this fellow’s crime heinous, and deserving of at least 4 years jail time just for the cruelty in it alone. If the dog’s life means nothing to you, then take into consideration that the dog was in its own yard, restrained and muzzled, when this fellow shot it and then beat it to death. A human being doesn’t do such things unless they are seriously disturbed or seriously unsocialized, or just willfull and cruel. What might such a person do to a noisy child in its own back yard, if he came upon that child alone? If not jail, then this fellow needs to be psychologically evaluated and put on some seriously powerful meds.

    • Gray64

      To your response to Sally:
      Most criminal psychologists would disagree with you about the correlation not equalling causality comment. No, it’s not EXACTLY the same thing, but it’s damned disturbing even so. And actually, it IS disturbing for someone to kill a cow or a chicken, if they don’t intend to eat it. That’s killing if for a purpose, not just beating it to death because it offended you, or even worse, for no reason at all.
      I mean, really, If a co-worker told you he killed the birds in his back yard with a bb gun because he couldn’t take their chirping anymore, he wouldn’t have comitted any crime, but that wouldn’t raise your eyebrow a bit?

  • Tim T.

    Unfortunately the justice system in the US is corrupt and arbitrary. Michael Vick was convicted for running a dogfighting operation, direct responsibility for the death of a half-dozen dogs plus indirect responsibility for countless other deaths, and served under 2 years. On a scale of relativity, Song’s alleged actions don’t even compare, which is why even the suggestion of a four-year sentence is ludicrous.

    • Funkybat

      Just because Michael Vick didn’t get the punishment he deserved doesn’t mean that his slap on the wrist should constitute a new benchmark for later sentencing.

    • Nancy Penn

      Michael Vick NEVER did one second of time in jail for animal abuse. He only did time for funding an illegal gambling ring. He was never prosecuted for animal cruelty.

  • Toonio

    There is more to every story than whatever is reported.

    Like Sally said, I’d bet the farm on sleep deprivation. Nobody snaps with such brutal reactions overnight. It’s something that builds up till you burst.

    Maybe the animation industry (as many others) need regulation on weekly working hours. Sure there is this illusion among young people that they can take all the work you throw at them “because they can”. Well, WRONG! No matter the age you need your 7-8 hours sleep. Your brain NEEDS IT! and your body too.

    I dunno, maybe hiring more animators to work in shifts might help. At the end all the great animators I’ve met are not in animation for the money. (I know, broad statement but at least I’m throwing something to solve the problem)

    Yes they’ll say they’ll lose their job to some bloke overseas because they work brutal hours for way less. However nobody mentions the rates of suicides and alcoholism overseas.

    Finally imagine of the liabilities for the companies encouraging such practices. If some companies put you in a cab after having one too many at their x-mas party, why not giving their employees some down time after having to re-do a whole sequence five times.

    “If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime”

  • There’s gotta be more to this story.

    • optimist

      Possible background, if true:

      A comment on the LA Times online version of the story says that Song’s wife and newborn baby and his own ‘three small dogs” had been threatened by the german shepherd which had dug a hole under the fence & got into Song’s yard. Who knows if it’s true. The Times story does mention police say there was a hole under the fence between the two properties that the dog could have come through. Nothing about that in the clip here, but this IS local TV news we’re talking about.

      Also, the dog has been described as variously 14-18 months old. While a large breed dog like a shepherd under 2 years old is *technically* still a “puppy”, it’s far from what the word suggests, which is a small animal, a baby. The shooting/beating of ANY sized dog is horrific enough without loading the language further for maximum sensationalism. The whole story as is makes me sick to my stomach.

      • Okay, let’s say he was protecting his family. Why was he in the DOG’s yard?
        i’d buy that if the dog was killed in his his, Song’s yard, but it wasn’t.
        Secondly, the dog was MUZZLED and thus totally defenseless.
        If the dog were a problem, he should have called animal control and let them handle it. What Song did was wrong. Period.

      • Katie M

        I know that the laws in Texas, at least, make it so that you cannot preemptively force a neighbor to tether/restrain/fill in a hole that a neighbor’s dog has dug. Growing up we had this problem with my neighbors’ large rottweiler. Our neighbors couldn’t be bothered with stopping it (well, the put a bicycle in front of the hole once), so my mom called the cops and they said they couldn’t do anything about it unless the dog attacks us or gets into the yard.

        Yes what he did was terrible and there were a thousand solutions that would have been better, but animal control/local police in all likeliness could not have done anything to help the situation.

      • David

        In my city, I’ve called animal control about a dog and they won’t do sh*t unless the dog bites someone. As one of them told me (over the phone, cause they wouldn’t come out to see what was going on) “we’ve got better things to do”. Assholes!

        Anyway. I don’t know the real story. But if this guy thought his family was threatened, then I can understand taking matters into his own hands. Certainly not in that way. That is seriously messed up. However, if talking to the neighbor did no good, I’d have to mull over my options.

  • Gerard de Souza

    i feel sick.

  • Amid, what’s the porpouse of posting this? It’s some kind of lobby against Dreamworks or the Brew turned to sensationalism (or both)?

    Really, the periodistic value of this news it’s nule, even outside tha animation world. What do I care about the breakdown (or not) of some dude that’s not even known? What does anyone care?

    If someone does what it’s said in the article, it has some serious issues going on, and should be treated.
    But, does the rest of the universe has to know about it?

    And what if he works at Dreamworks?? He’s a human first, and as a human he can go as insane as any human can.

    If he working at Dreamworks had something to do with it, perhaps it would be different. But it doesn’t.

    • Rob

      This blog posts about animation news. This is news involving someone who works in animation.

      Would you be so quick to defend if Young Song worked for Pixar or Blue Sky? While I agree, the brew is very quick to look down on Dreamworks, in this particular instance there’s no opinion given on the subject. There’s no reason to lambaste Amid for posting the exact information that The NY Daily News, LA Times and Huffington Post all reported about.

      • Klyph

        ‘This blog posts about animation news. This is news involving someone who works in animation.’

        So then are we going to be posting news every time some employee from an animation studio gets arrested? Where’s the line? I got a speeding ticket last month, and I work for a videogame studio as an animator, didn’t see that get posted here.

        I agree with Delfos when I say that this story has absolutely zero animation news/info and should not be posted on an animation blog.

  • CMB

    What a coward. They should let Disney workers tie him up, muzzle him, and beat him with hammers. No tolerance for animal abuse – especially on a puppy.

  • lol

    So Puss n’ Boots finally broke someone huh?


    No, no, no, seriously though, terrible story really and I have a lot of good friends who work on that film (they keep their rage to their spouses- hahahhahahahahha), no, no, no, seriously that was in bad taste, this, this is just awful all around.

    Family Guy humor aside, I don’t know what it has to do w/ animation in any relevant way other than hoping for inane comments (as personally demonstrated) and showing that there’s some sociopaths among us.

    Hope he gets what he deserves and condolences to the family that owned that pet.

  • Chris

    Well, that’s ONE way to put DreamWorks on the map!

  • Alan

    He might have been hungry.

    • derpderp

      Dude, screw you. I knew it was only a matter of time before some racist wanker crawled out of the woodworks on this thread. Pukes like you give our community a bad face, so shove off, will ya?

    • Keegan

      Why is everyone calling this guy racist? Does everything have to be politically correct? My god, it was a harmless joke.

      • derpderp

        It’s a “harmless joke” that Asian people eat dogs until some guy gets arrested because everyone finds it easy to believe an Asian guy murdered a dog and his life gets ruined. I never said it was “politically incorrect,” but it is just plain incorrect. Asian people are on the internet, too, and deserve to be part of CBrew/the animation community without being racialized and marginalized.

      • Keegan

        The Asian community has been well known for not supporting animal rights, at least the joke has some factual ground to support itself on, and not just a hate comment like “LOL CHINK ROVE DOGGY SO YUMMY GOOD TIME FUN”.

        We gotta learn to laugh at ourselves. Every ethnicity has something odd about them we should be able to poke fun at.

      • derpderp

        Unless a person is Asian, they aren’t “laughing at themselves” by making an anti-Asian joke, dude. That is somebody else making a joke at the Asian community’s expense. You don’t get to decide when it’s a good time for Asian people to laugh at themselves and what it means to be Asian in America unless you, yourself, are a member of that ethnicity.

        Gimme your “factual ground” and cite a reliable source about Asian-Americans being less supportive of animal rights than any other group in America.

      • Keegan

        The fact that Asian countries don’t support Animal Rights, and eat Tigers, Dogs, Cats, Bears, Horses, etc. on a daily basis.

        THERE’S YOUR FACTS. And he’s not being anti-Asian in the least bit, you moron. He’s just poking fun. I’m sure if he was a real racist he would’ve went on about how he was a dirty chinaman. But he didn’t.

        Stop making a mountain out of a molehill.

      • Being married to a Korean woman, the “asians eat dogs” joke wore out a long time ago, kids. Anyone who still makes that joke is an asshole, and if you make it to my wife and I’m present, you’ll be spitting teeth.

      • derpderp

        Buddy, all I did was not allow a racist shitty comment to go unquestioned on a public forum. You’re the one who wanted to argue about it. I’m comfortable taking you on as you clearly have no ground to stand on.

        This guy was an Asian-American. Asian-Americans are not just from some vague collective of “Asian countries” permanently, many of them have lived here for generations. They aren’t perpetual foreigners, which is another stereotype that can be damaging.

        So… go ahead. Prove me wrong! Give me the resources that indicate that Asian-Americans are likely to be less pro-animal-rights than any other American.

        It’s anti-Asian racism. Own up. This community needs to take ownership of its shitty bigotry problem and call out crap like this.

        Just because he could have said something worse doesn’t mean he didn’t say something unacceptable.

      • Keegan

        Sure he’s an Asian American. Why would I prove that wrong, it’s true. Also yes, Asian Americans aren’t perpetual foreigners. It’s still just a joke, and not worth bashing this guy for it. he never said he hated Asians, he just made a racial joke. It’s like saying Bob Clampett is racist for making Coal Black. Yes the joke was pretty worn out, but it’s nothing to make a big deal about. I’m sure Disney is racist for Peter Pan’s Red Man song, right? Nope, it’s just humor. He’s not Anti-Asian and to say he is just for making one joke is simply retarded to say the least.

      • Oluseyi

        «he never said he hated Asians, he just made a racial joke.» – Keegan

        You know, only privileged non-minorities and racists ever note that as a difference. Anyone who has felt the fear and panic of being a minority in America knows that racial “jokes” are often the first step toward a very ugly outpouring of hate.

        Keep telling yourself it’s funny, though.

  • That’s f*cked up. :(

  • Anim8r2B

    Sad cruel story :(
    Sooo…is there a job opening at Dreamworks by chance?

  • Rufus

    I heard working at Dreamworks can be a drag, but who knew?

  • Roland Denby

    I hate these stories. Can’t even imagine why the heck it’s on here other than the guy works at Dreamworks. Hardly a news story for an animation site, no matter what the connection.

    However, I do think the guy is sick and needs to go away for a long time. I don’t care if it costs $1 or $100,000 to house this creep in jail. Those who are saying “it’s just a dog, it’s not a human” sound just as sick to me. He belongs in jail and should be forced to watch some of the shit that he’s worked on.

  • The Gee

    That makes the posting below of that Disney short on stress seem a bit more important now, doesn’t it?

    Didn’t watch the video so I’m only going on what I’ve read.

    One, Alter Ego, the penalty of up to 4 years doesn’t mean he will serve four years. It the charges stay what they are or are reduced then he may only serve a quarter of that time.
    And, that obviously depends upon how he pleads, guilty or innocent. If it goes to jury then–based on every tv drama and courtroom movie I’ve ever seen*– he might easily be found guilty and then the judge might give him a reduced sentence. The sentencing isn’t mandatory. But, if I’m just writing something you-or anyone- already knows, no offense meant by explaining that.

    Suffice it to say, regardless of the fact that he is in the animation industry, the whole thing sounds horrible. Whatever the whole story is, it sucks to hear about it. That said, there’s a lot of worse things that have gone down recently in the world and there’ll be more in the future.

    As for it being a joking matter, well, I dunno. there’s still other things to ridicule. The occurrence being what it is shouldn’t mandate that it go to the front of the snarkline.

    *and, from what I remember from several courses in school, of course.

  • mitten

    Whatever the reason, there is no excuse for animal cruelty.
    Here are some things he’ll have to look forward to:
    1. being fired
    2. home/car vandalized by animal lovers
    3. his children, if in school age will be harassed
    4. Portions of his family could disown him
    5. 1000’s in legal bills
    6. more news reports/ further reports each time he goes to court
    7. death threats
    8. his judge will receive 100’s of letters from angry people – which could influence a decision
    9. criminal record forever
    10. Everything he says will be reported out of context
    11. Dozens of Blogs will report this and color the details omitting facts
    12. Being that dreamworks guy who killed the dog
    13. He’ll be harassed and assaulted in jail or prison
    14. Eventually starting his life over

  • Mr. Critic

    Own a dog for a year. Then let us know if 4 years is enough, too much, or not enough.

    I haven’t seen the tape, I don’t know the full story, so I’ll reserve my judgement of Young Song till later.

  • Papsmurf

    maybe he needed some surfacing reference

  • It’s not fair to judge based on a local news story because the only thing you can be sure of is that local news is not about finding the truth, but finding a sensational story. Save your judgement for a conviction, don’t be a bunch of media saps.

  • McDoogle

    It’s disheartening to see so many people assume he’s guilty, when there is clearly more to the story than the video clip, and the media are pouring out.

    We have not seen the surveillance video in question, nor do we know of his motives. We have heard nothing from his side of the argument, only the other side.

    Yes it is a shame the dog died, and if true, he should be punished according to the law. But if he is not guilty, his reputation is still tarnished due to the one-sided media coverage and assumption by people.

    Let us hear and see his side, before laying judgement on him.

  • HH

    I’m sure killing a puppy is much more talked about than killing babies…

    • Gray64

      Actually, no it’s not.

  • The Animation Police are ever vigilant…

  • jonny

    this is basically a re-blogged crime article with no relation to animation other than the accused man’s profession.

    i think with the amount of readership this blog attracts it is almost certainly going to negatively impact the person in question regardless of outcome.

    for this reason i believe this content is inappropriate and derogatory. i would like to read more about animation and less about a surfacer being held for obscure crimes.

  • Jonathan

    Why has no one mentioned that him being an animator probably has NOTHING to do with this story at all, and the fact that they bring it up serves no purpose.

  • John

    If I worked on Dreamworks films I’d snap too.

  • Ed Thompson

    Whatever motivated him to (allegedly) do this doesn’t matter, at least not in a legal sense. You do not gain an excuse to commit a crime because you have been threatened. You can protect yourself and family if you have reason to fear for your life, but not because someone is rude or hostile to you.

    For those who think that just because he has been under a lot of pressure, while it may be true, it is still not an excuse. Lots of people today are under pressure–long work hours, low pay, threats of being fired- but that still is not a good excuse for dealing with a neighbor and his pet in a brutal fashion. It may be part of the reason it was done, but it is not an excuse.

    I do agree somewhat with the people who question why this is being published. It will be difficult for him to get an unbiased jury now. If after a conviction (and maybe with more of the story known) it was felt to be relevant here then the entire story could have been presented.

  • derpderp

    As much as the murder of a dog is awful, there is probably a lot unseen and assumed in this story. The media probably jumped on it because it was believable that a guy with a clearly Asian name would kill a dog.

    For all we know it could have been a very dangerous animal. “Puppy” is hardly what I’d use to describe a German shepherd of over a year. It could have been a threat, or perhaps it was barking so incessantly that it was becoming a serious problem. It could have been neglected, too.

    The pathos-riddled response to pet-killing in this country is ridiculous. I would be willing to bed that most of the people who have this gut response of “THAT HORRIBLE MONSTER!” eat abused and slaughtered animals on the daily. Usually stories like these are about making somebody a pariah, the Worst Type of Person, and feeling superior to them– not about actual animal lives at stake.

  • someone’s kid

    Strange how this gets blogged about, but the Pixar and Disney employees who got arrested for kiddie porn were never mentioned here:



  • Some Girl

    I am sure we won’t see anyone post anything about bad Pixar people will we? I am noticing a trend here…
    As for the situation, it is terrible, but I hardly ever see anyhting positive on here about DreamWorks other than something snarkish comments trying to sound funny and nothing good to say.
    Ok, so he works at DW. But that’s it. This action of the human mind is nothing we don’t need to know/ can’t do anything about except give an opinion of what his punishment should be???? WHAT?? I didn’t know CB would have a employee’s jail time talkback now…
    People, have some respect for this guy instead of making crap useless comments about the DW smirk and all that. It’s becoming annoying to see the same dang comments all the time. Switch it up and look like sympathetic humans for once. Seriously, people are starting to act younger than I am..

    • See? I’m not the only one who notices a bias, Amid. >;)

      • amid

        John, The next time a Pixar artist shoots a dog, I promise you’ll see it on the Brew. I’ll even dedicate the post to you. Happy?

      • How about just reporting things that pertain to animation? Good or bad? If this artist had worked at any other studio, you wouldn’t have posted it. Right?

      • Jorge Garrido

        “If this artist had worked at any other studio, you wouldn’t have posted it. Right?”
        (citation needed)

        I didn’t realize ESP or knowing what happened in alternate realities was one of your strengths, John.

  • Mat

    There is no reason for the news to be releasing his employment information. It has nothing to do with anything. They are trying to create a hook in the story some how involving animation. SO stupid.

  • terry

    The poor guy doesn´t have a 2d background…he just was taking a video reference!

  • It occurs to me that the news report got the part about him being an “animator” wrong.

    Possibly other details are not well-researched also.

  • aliceyak

    If it’s true that the dog was harrasing the animator’s dogs/children and being a nuisance, then there are definately better ways to handle it. A neighborhood dog once broke into my rabbits’ cage and savagely ripped one of them to pieces, but my dad didn’t even touch the dog. He followed it home and screamed at the owners.

    Maybe they had already said something to the owners, and that’s why she was tied up and muzzled. We don’t know the whole story, but to go so far is just terrible.

  • wry

    Thanks a lot for posting this…not. Now I’m sad and I need to go hug my 1 year old German Shep…

    A pellet gun and a hammer. This guy obviously wanted the poor dog to suffer.

  • Keegan

    Maybe the dog did the ‘tude smirk at Young Song to taunt him and the lousy movies he works on, and he just couldn’t take it.

    This is why ‘tude needs to be abolished. It’s making it’s way to animals in the real world, and driving people to the tipping point, where to them it seems their only option is to lash out at those who ‘tude.


  • showplease

    I think it’s a pretty apt metaphor for what Dreamworks has done to animation in general.

    So, I for one am not at all surprised. They’ve had practice at this sort of thing.

    • You are an idiot.
      What in incredibly over-reaching statement.
      I can give you countless examples of how Dreamworks has actually kept the animation business going, not just through sucessful movies but through employing 80% of the artists in LA and working with other studios to produce shows for the networks. Just what do you mean? Care you explain and elaborate on your idiocy?

  • david

    probably some misdirected repressed anger from working in animation. His ego was probably pellet gunned and hammered to death many moons ago from studio execs and the hacks above him, but you can only take it for so long. Some turn to alcohol or other drugs, others just give up and take in the rear with a smile, others just slip over into production and perpetuate the abuse. I guess he just went ape-poo on some dog.

    as for the PETA doods. Anyone who values animal rights above human rights should be thrown to the animals. Same type of people who wouldn’t give a second glance to a peedstainedbum or a fellow human in trouble but makeout with flea-ridden stray dogs they pick up off the street.

  • wgan

    ok lesson learned, either CONTROL YOUR DOG or CONTROL YOURSELF otherwise you are gonna be a sensation on cartoonbrew

  • Rodan


  • whippersnapper

    While I love animals as much as anyone else, I think we need to figure out the whole story before we utterly condemn this guy on here. What if he was taking something that made him flip out? Ambien CR, for instance, can cause some people to do horrible things that they don’t even remember the next day. If this guy was under stress maybe he was on medication.

  • Jeff Haynes

    “A German Shepherd like this one” Uh, that’s not a German Shepherd.

    • derpderp

      Exactly. And there’s no way in hell that puppy is 14-16 months. And Song is not an animator, he’s a surfacer. This is why we don’t trust the news, kids.

  • Ubu

    Anyone working in animation toils in a fishbowl. Remember how the media treated the late voice actor Greg Burson in the aftermath of his drunken run-in with the law:


  • heykidz

    Wow – the comments on this article are outta control. This is a super sad and disturbing story for the community, so I get why its on here. For us its like a 2 degrees of separation thing.

    And for the people getting defensive that he’s a Dreamworks guy… chill out! Shiz happens and usually with the people you least expect!! Its not a stain on Dreamworks! There’s always someone crazy in every company.

    I work at Blue Sky and I totally get the underdog mentality – but you just gotta shrug it off – you are an artist, you are doing good work and its not a personal reflection on you.

  • johnbigbooteh



  • Ethan

    Wow. That’s even better than the pointless real estate news (he bought it from a guy who made nucular bombs!).

    How about a story explaining why Newt was cancelled, now that it’s 100% official and can be talked about ? Naaah, that’s not really about animation, is it.

  • Nick

    why is this article on Cartoon Brew? What relevance does it have to animation? The fact that the suspect works in Dreamworks gave the news hacks a sensationalist angle on the story – ‘he reportedly killed a PUPPY while working on films with adoarbale PANDAS – the IRONY is PALATABLE’. That’s what hack journalists do. The link to animation as an artform is non-existent. I don’t think it’s right for this to be posted here, especially in it’s ‘alleged/suspected-of/he-might-have-done-it’ early stage. I think the editors here need to exercise a bit more discretion. Stick to animation.