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Bad Ideas

From the “Not Everything Needs to be Animated” Dep’t.

Real Estate

A memo to real estate agents: The market is bad enough. Creepy, poorly animated CG spokespeople aren’t going to increase your sales and rentals.

(via Lili’s Twitter)

  • I love it! Total creepsville.

    This would make a terrific horror film. Nobody does the living dead better than bad CGI.

  • Thad

    So when are the suits going to decide to use this to make an entire new film starring dead people? What could be better than IT’S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD remade with CGI’ed Spencer Tracy, Milton Berle, Ethel Merman, Phil Silvers, etc. ? Be sure to redo the jokes so they’re vulgar too, something original like a CGI’ed Drew Barrymore flashing her tits at Silvers causing him to drive off the side of the road.

    Come on, take this kind of idea and run with it! It’s a goldmine and I’m giving it for free! It’s shitty enough to be real that’s for sure.

  • I think she’s…staring at me.

    I’m gonna go hide in the corner over there.

  • Dave

    The best part of it is that they’ve focused her eyes to look like she’s reading cue cards from off-camera. WTH kind of animated character can’t even remember their lines?

  • Oh dear lord. She looks like she’s going to eat my brains. I have the urge to beat her with a shovel and run far, far away.

    Did nobody responsible notice that, once she starts moving, she looks pure evil?

  • Manning

    What was once a disaster for online real-estate becomes a huge hit in online dating.

  • Looks like it’s using that flash program I kept seeing advertised in banner ads that wouldn’t shut up while I was trying to browse action script guides once. The robot voice that makes what it is saying barely audible just emphasizes how automated and freaky it is, shifting it’s head back and forth like that for no reason. Ugh, stop looking at me!

  • Kara

    Hahahaha thanks for a bit of humour today. This is so bad, it’s funny. I wonder how there can be people that exist in this world with such lack of taste?

  • J Lee

    I already blame the current economic downturn on those creepy, digitally rotascoped people in the Charles Schwab ads…

  • AAAH!

    Realdolls moonlighting as realtors now?

  • Paul N

    This technology is advancing – now we have stilted, broken speech with a British accent.

  • Eric

    At least they got tons of hits out of this.

  • I’ve heard of this software. It’s called “SitePal” and it lets you stick computer animated heads on your website to make it look interactive.

    I see that picture and it looks like she’s saying GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE.

  • Victor

    This reminds me of a company I used to work for: They are doing similar work in New York, but add a level of interactivity were by the viewer uploads his or her photo and then it gets placed in various flash based applications. I worked on one of these applications, that allowed you to “be” in a movie. It is an interesting concept but the faces would come out weird looking, as the software advances who knows, it might just work out down the line. In a case like this, why not just show the actual real estate agent, i think it would personalize the whole experience. Vic out!!!

  • fishmorgjp


  • Jay Sabicer

    I was about to agree with everyone, however, have you actually dealt with REAL people in real estate? Many would consider this a far better alternative to some of the pond scum I’ve encountered.

  • Oy vey. That’s all I got.

  • bobkurtz

    hey! don’t will be coming to adult swim soon.
    ohhh so creepy. definitely was my weird moment of the day.

  • Angry Anim

    I dunno. She’s pretty hot.

  • I don’t know what the hell just happened …. but I just bought a house in Los Feliz…?

  • Good god, look at the way the mouth moves. It’s like a 2d animation, very staccato and choppy, while everything else.. moves… very..slowly.. from side to side. Ugh!

    Who knew they sold real estate in the uncanny valley!?

  • Joseph

    Now they can do Assy McGee with real buttocks. The economy is saved.

  • Can’t unsee.

  • Billy Batz


  • Mike Milo

    Hahah! She looks like a blow up doll… especially in the screen cap you posted.

  • I need a computer voice saying “Situated on an Indian burial ground. we moved the headstones…”

  • Tom

    The pits. The absolute pits.

    That girl is so deadeyed and terrifying that I swear we used to date.

  • After she finishes her pitch, you can actually hypnotize her with your cursor at

  • Haunted house for sale….cheap…

  • I think it’s time to take the ol’ syncrovox process out of mothballs. Waddya say? Clutch, Spinner are you with me?

  • Krissy

    …Two bedroom apartment currently available in lovely downtown SILENT HILL!!!

  • My estate agent manager speaks like her. Curious…

  • Jon Reeves

    Oh dear god. I was going to say it looked the 2009 version of a bad 1997-era GeoCities page — and then Benjamin posted an example where it was used on a bad 1997-era GeoCities page.

  • Anthony

    I worked for the company that created that for over two years. Her name is 3D Angela. If you ever visit their office you will see that they have a flat panel monitor turned vertical in the lobby, and a motion camera above it, and either a 2D character or 3D character that greets you. When a person passes or there is movement they speak.

  • That re-animated corpse of Orville Redenbacker they used in ads a few years back looks more alive than that lady.

  • Grant

    It’s as good as polar express or beowulf.

  • Vince

    can’t sleep…real-estate lady will get me…

  • OM

    …Jeez! Duke 2000 was more realistic!

  • FP

    –That re-animated corpse of Orville Redenbacker they used in ads a few years back looks more alive than that lady.–


    They bred. The resulting child is Jimmy Neutron.